• http://drumloop808.bandcamp.com Drumloop808

    That track in the beginning of the video is too dope! Hearing her talk about 2Pac was pretty wild and interesting. Seems like No I.D. is the goto man at the moment, I keep hearing about him. Dope video guys!

  • zm

    jesus christ miss peas has the worst voice ever.
    and theres too much head room in the shot.
    jhene's sexy though

  • Mike

    Good Interview

  • iamsam

    Honestly i have to plus 1 this @ zm no hate to miss peas its more the editing than anything else but still...

    and Jhené, as much as i love her, her voice is to flat aka cassie esq the content is there but the Sond just dosent match... it reall hearts my heart

  • yo!

    @iamsam her voice isn't cassie esq at all. Go watch her youtube videos.

  • jerry

    to be honest i dont like the way yall treat miss peas, that shit is cyber bullying. wish we could see your faces fucking cowaard

  • Ricki Lutes

    i liked it, great interview

  • R Dub

    Great interview Miss Peas. Don't give dem haters anytime thought.