• Norman

    "they don't wanna see the hands, i live strong without a cheating Lance" haha

  • http://drumloop808.bandcamp.com DRUMLOOP808

    Damn!! Dude is crazy smooth, already played this over about ten times lol!

  • 2dope4nope

    Homie coulda dropped a subliminal line to his girl with the Ray Lewis line like my girl butt naked on the mattress as I prepare doing the number 52 dance haha but that Lance line nah nah haha!

  • Chopnnem

    He's a clown, he picked the Texans over the Patriots last week, the guy drops more sports references than anyone and doesn't know shit about sports.

  • nc0310

    she could get it

  • ESPNmeh

    Too bad the real theme song sucks and so does this repetitive ass show.

  • flymafia

    budden's a real mc

  • trvpmvssivh

    she want the d

  • VJ

    She put it down