Just Blaze & Baauer – HIGHER

blame it on Meka January 18, 2013

Just is serious with this foray into EDM territory, as he links up with the up-and-coming “trap” producer for his latest offering.

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  • whiteboipachino

    i can dig it

  • Juice

    This is dope

  • 1

    Better than that last “house Track” but still not feelin it. Especially with people like Hudson Mowhawke and Rustie doing this much more creative. My opinion…

    Just Blaze remains a King though..

    • Paul

      Exactly, the House track sounded like a draft, and we can hear on this one that it still work to do. He’s experimenting new ways. He will end by doing nice things with his hip hop background or he will get bored and back to the source. The future will tell us.

  • chuck

    ecstasy rave party yeah!

    gotta get my glowsticks yo, and my neon clothes.


    ill never understand this music. shit makes my ears bleed.

  • Bob

    Really dope!

  • QZA

    uh yeah this definitely BANGS!!

    way to try new things, Just…

    i do agree, however, that folks like HudMo and Lunice are tearing this genre a new asshole, so its hard to compare

  • luchiani

    yo just lookin mad hagrid in that photo. why yall play the god like that?

  • trufisbak

    this trap shit is takin over ERRTHANG, just watch