Rockie Fresh – Electric Highway (Snippets)

blame it on Meka January 18, 2013

Rockie Fresh will drop his MMG debut this Monday (January 21st) at 3pm. Head down bottom to get a feel for the entire thing, courtesy of Billboard.

  • stopit5

    Is this a mixtape or an album for sale?

  • Xspo

    Rockie You finna blow the fuck up after this tape bro.

  • daddy

    why is he giving away everything ? videos, tracks, now the snippets ?

  • milly

    sounds fucking great. love seein The Gift production on here, that “im ready” track sounds too raw

  • @why is he giving away everything ? videos, tracks, now the snippets ? – everyone does its what non slow people refer to as marketing

  • SMH

    Damn SuperMan OG is my new shit!!!! Fire as fuck

  • aHometownHero

    somebody wanna tell me something remotely significant this dude talks about in his raps. or how about what makes him stand out as an artist. what does he do different from other niggas in the game? i can’t tell. sounds and looks like another random draw out the hat to me. and all this pub??

  • aHometownHero

    talking about Delorans…i thought Mickey Factz did that. didn’t his MMG label mate do a Back to the Future tape? oh yeah…

  • bnd

    keep going, rock! fuck the haters

  • B.-O.-B.-O.-B.-A.// Do the knowledge my youngings. You youngings are always thirsting for hip hop knowledge? Well I got the Juices for your anterior lobes. (Brains)., Seriously dukes, Listen and learn, follow me for I am the HiPhoP KnOwLEdgE GoD….

  • Shoutouts to Rockie Fresh for using the same sample on his album that I used on my LP I dropped on the 9th. Cool Stuff Man.

  • daddy

    @ Rufus, I understand that, but when more time is spent on dropping a teaser/trailer etc. rather than the music itself, shit gets anticipated and ends up sounding bad. Coming from a fan, Rockie could have came harder than this. This electro voice shit is annoying.