Chief Keef: From Rags to Riches pt. 1 (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 19, 2013

In this video doc series resembling one of Keef’s videos, he shows love to the community, footage of the crew recording new raps and life in his point of view.

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  • Good Peoples!

    The faggots who hit NOPE probly would shit their pants if they walk through Chief Keef neighborhood!


  • Doc rovers

    Part 2: riches back to rags

  • FREE SOSA!!!!

    You wiggers and you suburban pieces of shit just hate to see a young hood nigga get out the hood and make more money then you don’t you??? smh

  • jdz

    What the fuck does walking through someones neighborhood have to do with this guys shit music? He’s a terrible rapper, that is why I clicked the nope button

  • smh

    I clicked nope cause dude is a terrible rapper, makes shitty music and is mad ignorant. Cooning out and making black look bad.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Watched this video with no sound.

    Lots of dreaded up black youths standing on street corners shooting imaginary guns. followed by what appears to be a makeshift studio in a crack house.

    I weep for the black youth of today and all of Keith Cozart’s fans.

    But it’s ok, at least he’s a ‘real nigga’, right?

  • PoisonForTheYouth. KEEP SOSA!

    This nigga in court crying over a 2 month sentence but he supposed to be hard. hahaha

  • Here We Go!

    @smh Oh you mean like 2pac and biggie did?


    @PoisonForTheYouth So you were there to see that right? Stop being a gullible dumbass and stop believe faggot ass blogs!

    Thats why i like b/c they don’t put that school girl gossip bullshit on here!

  • 2dope4nope

    Oh yeah that’s the hood flip phones haha pre paid use and toss type yeah ok haha

  • NoWuff

    Ay that’s real, most people have no fucking clue what folk goes through on a daily basis. The average person is a product of their environment. Chief Keef is simply an average person, a musical incite to the American Ghetto

  • 23Karats

    Homie at the end seem decent who is that?

    • Juskwak

      Right… Niggas doin all this commenting and didnt even watch the video cuz they would have noticed homie at the end too!

  • Adi

    LOL @ ‘Riches back to rags’.

  • Karma Serene

    I grew up off of 79th and Racine and I still hit nope…

  • CryingChiefKeef


    NIGGA WAS YOU THERE? No! Ok then, Shut the fuck up ho.

  • CryingChiefKeef


    Also it didn’t come from a blog you fucking faggit. It cme from NBC Chicago which I’m sure knows more than some fuck boi Chief Keef fan on the internet would.


    @CryingChiefKeef Who said i was a fan you fuck boy! The news lie all the time you gullible homo LOL! You just one of those pussies who would talk shit about keef on the net but wouldn’t say shit in person!


    60 days he will fly through that. Come out and still ball on you hating ass boys! GBE/3HUNNA

  • Remember

    I just read the NBC chicago report and no were in it did i see any thing about him crying you lying piece of shit

  • albany,ny

    nah really though whos the kid at the end

  • EC

    who’s the dude at the end?

  • dumbfuxx

    why release this now? stupid.

  • lookatmenow

    Lupe Fiasco was right about this guy thats why I hit nope


    homie at the end sounds dope!

  • marty mcfly

    It’s like people wanna feel bad for this guy now cause he got 60 days, GTFOH. This guy is a gangsta right? So no need to try to make him appeal to people who got passed that mentality already. This is the lane he wanted to be in so let him ride it then.

  • KING

    People who like Keef cuz he a “real nigga” are fuckin retarded. You people automatically see shitty rappers and praise them just cuz they from a shitty neighborhood. Yall gotta realize this is the MUSIC business. Why yall think Biggie and Pac were so famous? Cuz not only were they real but they made dope ass music. Yall just see a so called “real nigga” and claims he a rapper and start ridin his dick. Chief Keef is a fuckin horrible rapper. Your “real nigga”excuse is a hypocritical statement cuz the same niggas who bump Keef “just cuz he real” are the same who fuck with Rick Ross. You fools are sad and pathetic

  • Good Peoples!

    @marty mcfly and KING is the same faggot person

  • KING

    @Good Peoples! yea god forbid someone on here actually makes sense. Automatically dubs them a faggot right?

  • Good Peoples!

    @KING Who the fuck said you was right

  • who is lil dawg at the end of this video? shit sounds tight

  • KING

    @Good Peoples! Common sense tells me I’m right fool. I grew up listening to dope rappers my whole life and now this stupid nigga breaks out and everyone ridin his dick just cuz he “real”. Fuck that

  • Good Peoples!

    @QUEEN You grew up sucking dick all your life thats for damn sure! yo Common sense ain’t the same as everybody else

    You have an identity crisis! Everyone knows you are marty mcfly fag boy! LOL

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ hey dumbass, I dont use other names ok. I use one name and thats it so NO im not any other name you’ll ever see on 2DBZ. So get off my dick and STFU faggot.

  • marty mcfly

    The rest of ya’ll got identity crises and hide behind other names cause you bitches or homotrolls cause your really just fans and avid readers of mine but I dont use other names cause I dont do dumb shit. I’ve had the same name since 09 so make your own and stop being owned you petty ass easily offended fuck peoples.

  • Good Peoples!

    ^^^^^ Yea sure marty mcfaggot LOL! You so happen to check up on this post right after i wrote that huh???? LMFAO!!!!

    You make yoself look stupid every time! You ain’t fooling nobody bitch! Bye LMAO!

  • marty mcfly

    Well yeah thats exactly what happened and what kinda pussy are you that you keep mentioning me and I never had shit to say to you? Whatever you got to say, say it then go somewhere cause nobody gives a fuck. You just hopeon here and start talking about me cause you feel some kinda way, LOL. You a faggot for that for real and all this throwing around the word faggot didnt even start until I started using the word on fools such as yourself in c sections. Now every day people saying faggot this and faggot that to whoever. Man I own all you pussies and if you mad then be mad about it.

  • Good Peoples!

    ^^^^^^^^ No one is gonna read that LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    HOP on here…. and again bitch, I only use ONE name EVERY single time I ever comment on here. Its you that cant figure out who the fuck you are just the presence of somebody real threatens you. #BITCHASSNESS

  • Good Peoples!

    One question! Why did KING stop commenting as soon as you started to comment LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coincidence huh LOL

    marty mcfaggot i’m done making you look stupid bye bitch! serious this time! Thanks for the laughs tho! LOL!

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know why the fuck KING did whatever the fuck he did and I dont give a fuck. Im bout to stop talking again in a few minutes, and? Why does that even matter? If you think I use other names (which I NEVER do), who gives a shit? Does that even fucking matter? No so what you wanna do, have a digital shootout or cyber fist fight about it? You mad at somebody? Man STFU, put it like this, dont mention me and I wont mention you, other then that nobody gives a shit who’s name is who so take my dick out your mouth when you comment punk.

  • marty mcfly

    Or rather, stop talking TOO… cause the word again would imply the same bullshit you trying to say but my point is if you talking to KING then talk to him cause when you bring my name into it you just sound like a bitch that I must’ve clowned on in the past, LOL thats a long list right there. Now have a good night bitch

  • tellmenot