• A-a-a-a-alchemist

    Hollllllly Shit!!!!

  • Jus10

    I would LOL so hard if that was the album cover. Matta-fact, I'm gonna save that pic. Classic. AND THIS SONG IS DAMN BANGING!

  • Real Talk

    This is dope as f*ck you dumbasses spend so much time covering HIP-POP commercial bullshit you miss posting ill shit like this for a few days.

    It would help too if Shake and Meka weren't so illiterate and ignorant as well.

  • III

    Judging from this and that "World's Most Dangerous" joint, this album is going to be a fuckin problem. shit is mean

  • 2dope4nope

    Yup lakers need em too wonder if doc browns ride can transport em 2013 asap hahahaha

  • realtalk™

    360 Waves that's just the dopest album name LMAOOOO!
    And this cover had me dying too..

    And on top of it all their music goes harddd