Game Talks “Dead People” & Says Detox Is Like Jesus (Video)

blame it on JES7 January 19, 2013

During an interview with Vibe, Game discusses how the Dr. Dre produced Dead People came about and also mentions the ever elusive Detox, comparing it to the return of Jesus. “”Will you ever really get to see Jesus? It’s like a hip-hop Jesus.” While we’re at it, let’s add Jay Elect’s debut to the list of mythical albums releasing “soon”. Spotted: Complex.

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  • valence

    This should have gotten the RAOF tag.

  • FG

    man fuck them niggaz i dont fuck wit them niggaz

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn I already forgot about jesus piece ha and lawd smh here we go once again! Mayans killed that detox last year cut it!

  • LexiCon

    I bet “Dead People” was just another random beat Dre created in 2005-2006 and forgot about it. Then in 2011 Game came up like “Yo, Dre, I need one of your cheap old beats. Just so I can have your name on the album.” The End.

  • spewing


    And why is that? You have no idea when Dre made the beat idiot

  • Terence Chill

    who cares about Detox!and by the way Jesus Piece was wack!


    dre got snoop, eminem, 50, and kendrick along with the rest of their camps as songwriters. so i believe dre started detox over once again since he signed kendrick lamar. now give him another year to work and maybe there will be a detox album in 2014…

  • fff

    The game needs to get it together, his last two albums drawing low numbers. He can change that, by recording himself attacking shyne. The path that interscope put the game in is the same path that joe budden is in, the same path that cassidy is , etc

  • marty mcfly

    Game is a platinum artist that been around for about ten years now. Every time such an artist reaches this level the fans start to doubt their ability and hate everything they do. Thats a reaction thats been the case for most artists that made it this far. Game just need to get started in his next album and let things run its course.

  • ^Correction. Game WAS a platinum artist. He’s a formula rapper. The people around him made him who he was and I don’t think there’s ever been a clearer example of that. A label hyped image. “The savior of the westcoast.” But everyone moved on. It’s not that fans began to doubt his ability, it’s because his albums became progressively worse and people just forgot about him. And he became irrelevant. Especially when Dre has moved onto Kendrick. Not everything is a hate based stigma. Sometimes the music just sucks, people evaluate it, and they stop listening to it.

  • marty mcfly

    Well good luck to Kendrick doing what Game has so far with his career cause no matter what you have to say about Game the wont change what he’s already done. We dont even have to talk about him being a platinum artist (once your a platinum artist that stamp doesn’t change to “was” it just IS”), and we dont have to talk about what his hype was cause Kendrick is definitely one of the most hype artists ever. We can talk quality music and bars and Game has done that already. Once a artist has been around this long, alot of fans just dont fuck with them cause in hip hop, new is always better and anyone who’s not is looked at as a sellout for being successful. There is no album from Game thats progressively worse unless your skipping through most of the songs and not even listening to them. The amount of dope songs per Game album is always the same. Kendrick is new so of course people think he’s the greatest thing ever but we’ll see if he does what Game has on any level and far as the debut album goes, Game won there. The Documnetary >>>

  • 2

    westside story, dreams, hate it or love it
    always in rotation

  • Kanye East

    Close friend of mine named Stu-b-doo, one of the co-producers on cali love, says not to anticipate Detox anytime soon.

  • Joe

    ^ no one in the hip hop industry gets high album sales… jesus piece was a prettty exceptional album, stop hating on game