Lloyd Banks x DJ Drama Announce “A.O.N.” Mixtape

blame it on JES7 January 19, 2013

Banks just hit the Twittersphere with news that he and Mr. Thanksgiving will be dropping the first in the A.O.N. (All Or Nothing) series (as alluded in this post) real soon, with Vol. 1 adding the F.N.O. (Failure’s No Option) attribute. Yay! More backronyms to decipher! UPDATE: Added official artwork. Hit the jump for that.

  • Chris


  • rre

    Smh Mixtape rapper you had your shot nigga

  • blkmrclean

    What’s the Hate for?? Man been dropping heat more then a lot of rappers.

  • Killaaa

    for real, V6 still on rotation. cant wait for this.

  • blkmrclean

    V5, The Cold Corner 2 and V6 is in mine.

  • DatGuy

    I’m fucking tired of all the lame as acronyms from all these rappers… I just needed to say that.

  • randy

    Yea acronyms are corny and played out.

  • Chris

    Whether he’s a “Mixtape Rapoer” or not he still makes more money off touring in a month than you make in a whole year…

  • who cares

    Honestly though I’m cool with Banks staying in the mixtape game because if you think about it his mixtapes are really just free albums. They’re more album quality than H.F.M. 2 was. I’m excited as fuck for this, but wasn’t he talking about Cold Corner 3?

  • rre


    Typical last resort of a disillusioned fanboy that has no legitimate defense or comeback… brag about nigga that doesnt even know you exist’s pockets. What’s next… you going to say his dick is bigger than mine too? Some dick bragging for the rapper whom apparently feeds you and pays your bills?

    I guess when your nigga aint making noise the only thing you can do is overcompensate with irrelevant money talk and insecure bravado. bravo dickhead.

  • Chris

    @Rre you’re suck an uptight bitch lol. You said he’s just a Mixtape rapper, why are you worried about his status anyways? I’m a fan of Banks and as long as he makes money touring he’ll still be able to provide us with dope mixtapes from time to time. So in a way I do care about him making money because without him making his money he wouldn’t be able to pay for beats and studio fees which in turn provide us with dope ass mixtapes like Cold Corner 2 & V6.

  • Truth

    PLK coming soon

  • who cares

    @Justic thank forgot about that.
    OT: That cover is pretty ill. Nothing crazy, but he’s had worse before.

  • Steve Kush

    Dope. Man listen Banks has some of the most classic mixtapes in the game. Everybody knows banks can spit, even Yeezy said he was top 5. *kanye shrug*

  • jwiii

    he used to make mixtapes. now he makes re street albums. unless he goes back to rhyming over other beats

  • dante

    I just hope he steps up in terms of full presentation of the project. He needs to shoot some viral videos or something and do a mini- mixtape tour like Jeezy. He is mad lazy with self promo

  • stopit5

    S.T.O.P. D.O.I.N.G T.H.I.S .A.C.R.O.N.Y.M .S.H.I.T. I.T.S .F.U.C.K.I.N .W.A.C.K!.!.!.!

  • V

    And if Failure’s no option – how can it be All or NOTHING?

    • Donnie Genesis

      Haha, didn’t notice this till you pointed it out

  • Rre

    @Chris but you werent expressing concern with financing his music… you were dickbragging for him by comparing him to me. That’s just shallow. Stop trying to make your motives seem profound now that you got called out for exhibiting traits of a groupie.

  • Pharaoh

    @rre banks isn’t just a mixtape rapper, he’s one of the best lyricists in the game. And he’s been around forever. You’re saying he’s not “making noise” because he hasn’t sold out? You’re fucking retarded, each of his mixtapes get tons of anticipation and buzz. He chooses to do mixtapes over albums, it’s more of an outlet for him. Just stop making a fool of yourself.