• justsaying

    Photoshop at its finest. hit it and pass it!

  • fsa

    photoshop ruins everrything

  • Snas

    *shrugs* YEA I'D GO RAW.. y lie rite?

  • Dock:Ness

    No dice! She got a 9th graders ass, and that's not cool! Pass!!!

  • kinky

    Need some of them feet pics doe!

  • average

    This bitch is so average its a shame

  • Kofstar

    Looks like Tory Lane.

  • 2dope4nope

    Stephanie Santiago > ... peep that instagram even with no makeup m m m

  • kinky

    i wanna smell her feet and her butt :)

  • malcyvelli

    @average some niggas cant be pleased, get your virgin ass outta here with that shit, you probably never had a bitch so you dont good pussy when you see that shit bro

  • adi Pre

    Fucked up face, fail.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    photoshop ruins everrything

    fsa said t

    What he said. I used to buy all those men's magazines. Right un until they all started using Photoshop.

  • kiko

    these fuck niggas think they are underwhelmed by this beautiful woman! fuck outta here with your youporn watching asses and get yourself laid!

  • dumbfuxx

    wow photoshop the hell out of that first pic geezus christ

    how can anyone thumbs up this fake shit

  • B@SICS

    Photo shop or not...shorty is gorgeous. And she has a runway model shape which is cool in my book although I prefer a fat ass & thighs. I definitely would not kick her out of bed.

  • Nothatingcuzthistruth

    She cute but she suffers from a lack of assatall. Compared to other bad bitches she is just average tho. She an average bad bitch.

  • Aye

    man all these woman are so fake its sad. shes amazing with all the flaws stop the photoshop. boys need to stop nit picking with the photoshop brainswash

  • Da Gawd

    Super fine. Ya'll are crazy.

  • http://platinumstatz.com Platinumstatz

    She Bad!!!

  • MsRatedR

    LMAO...shes average because she doesnt have a FAKE a** and tits that will be hanging low in 10years....gtfoh...young idiots...average now adays is bishes with silicone asses bigger then donkeys and tits that look like they were snatched off a 400lbs chick...shes pretty and far from average..ya wish ya girl next door could compare...NO HOMO...give ma props...wtf is the fascination with big a**es...besides the fact that they farts sounds like thunder?? most ya lil a** poles couldnt make pass the cheeks so stop bs'n.