2Deep: Let Me Ride (11 Minute Extended Club Remix)

blame it on JES7 January 20, 2013

Call me late, but I only recently stumbled upon this mix while going through records not too long ago and dropped the needle on this extended club mix which was released on the original 12″. Starts off normal, breaks down around 6:30, gets a little weird at 7:05, then pure funk breaks out after that, with a crazy guitar solo by the one and only Johnny “Guitar” Watson.

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  • BSR

    You havent mentioned the additional couple of verses from Snoop and the DPG thrown in for good measure. How you missed this when it came out i will never know. Dre always used to drop a hot remix on the B Side of his singles. Check out the Nothin But a G Thang remix that used the Bitches Aint Shit instrumental. Thats how you sell singles after everyone owned The Chronic.

  • chef


  • Chronic forever best classic


  • Tto

    lol late is not even the word here…this came out 20 years ago. this remix has always stood to me as a pinnacle moment in the g-funk era though. personally i don’t think it ever got deeper than this.

  • Real Nice. I definitely recall this one from back in the day. Nice post to hopefully school the younger cats visiting this site. True G-Funk right here. I long for Dre, Warren G, and/or DJ Quik – somebody – to drop a “retro” g-funk sound for a posse cut reunion type track. I long for it.

    Anyways, great post. I have fond memories of this one. Like BSR mentioned, there are plenty of really nice old Death Row Remixes, and B-Sides from back in the day that a lot of people (similar to yourself) might not have peeped yet, or simply passed them by. Check ’em out.

    Hopefully whoever has the rights to Death Row’s catalog will start to release some more old school g-funk in the future! :)

  • Ayo-Ret

    Should post the extended Dre Day mix too. That shit’s fucking ill.

  • spooky

    Yo this is one of my favorite songs! I love the breakdown of it. Great find!

  • dvs808

    damn i had this single on cassette back in the day. good shit, gets better with age. 20 years later and still smokin

  • Belve

    Don’t think we can extend a late pass for this one. This was a classic remix for any hiphop fan that has funkateer leanings. The underwater voice even gets a pass.

  • Peekay

    AMAZING! Had never heard this before…thanks!

  • Scrillz

    Thanks for giving this out… needed this in my collection!!

  • spewing

    One of the best baselines ever in this song