Mac Miller: Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family (Trailer)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 20, 2013

Mac Miller is the next rapper in line for his own reality TV show called “Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family” and it will be featured on MTV2. The trailer is short and simple, but we’ll see what goes on when the show airs February 26th at 11:30 EST/PST.

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  • Adi

    No words.

  • Seton Hall

    MTV2 has been showing this for weeks…

  • Real Talk

    This guy tried to front on Lord Finesse hip hop legend plus his shit is corny sorry I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • breal

    he is a horrible rapper . I am sick and tired of people like mac miller getting shine . Why cause he is white and jewish ? Yes , that’s why

  • yelland

    y’all can sucka dick.. this dude got bars n you know it. just mad he’s stealing your fav rappers, “shine.”

  • Gillian

    Cos he’s white and doesn’t rap about his struggle/guns? FFS you so called hip hop fans piss me off, Mac has bars. This is corny though.

  • Wackest/Corniest dude in the game, hands down. Maybe he needs to just be a reality tv star from now on. That will be better for Hip Hop.

  • nc0310

    I remember before Mac blew up and K.I.D.S. had just came out everybody on 2DBZ was on his dick. Now that he has some fame nobody likes him… Typical.

  • Cntdrkla

    What’s the soundtrack called