• Adi

    No words.

  • Seton Hall

    MTV2 has been showing this for weeks...

  • Real Talk

    This guy tried to front on Lord Finesse hip hop legend plus his shit is corny sorry I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • breal

    he is a horrible rapper . I am sick and tired of people like mac miller getting shine . Why cause he is white and jewish ? Yes , that's why

  • yelland

    y'all can sucka dick.. this dude got bars n you know it. just mad he's stealing your fav rappers, "shine."

  • Gillian

    Cos he's white and doesn't rap about his struggle/guns? FFS you so called hip hop fans piss me off, Mac has bars. This is corny though.

  • http://wackmiller.com WackMiller

    Wackest/Corniest dude in the game, hands down. Maybe he needs to just be a reality tv star from now on. That will be better for Hip Hop.

  • nc0310

    I remember before Mac blew up and K.I.D.S. had just came out everybody on 2DBZ was on his dick. Now that he has some fame nobody likes him... Typical.

  • Cntdrkla

    What's the soundtrack called