Ab-Soul & JMSN – You’re Gone

blame it on Illy January 21, 2013

Here goes the first single from Ab-Soul and JMSN’s upcoming collaborative album, Unit 6, that is available now on iTunes. Stream below.

  • iamlegend24

    First solo

  • Blue

    Uhm Solo’s a rapist?

  • thatrealshit

    ^ hahaha i thought the same shit.

    and for real if this wasnt soul this would have more negatives than positives

  • Truth Siren

    ^fuck ya’ll niggas talkin bout? anyways dope track by Soulo like all ways

  • XXhale

    this is G a r b a g e !

    but then again here comes all the brain wash TDE Stans

    to save the day & say this is the greatest thing in 30 years .

  • Narrator

    I’m a Ab-Soul fan. I’m a JMSN fan. I buy music. However, most people don’t know these dudes. Asking to pay for the single is a terrible business strategy. GIVE the single away, that’s what the lead single is for, to get publicity and attention for your project. Then, sell the album. This is just dumb. The track is cool but a bit disappointing, I’m skeptical of this formula working even though both guys are crazy talented.

  • YoloSwag

    This was not good. I surely hope that the rest of the album does not sound like this, or it is a waste of both of their talents.

  • C585

    another TDE PSA. this time solos tryin to talk about date rape. hopefully this track serves a purpose on the larger project cuz its feelin pretty weak on its own.

  • Juicy-G

    This is DOPE AF, I don’t know why anyone would nope this. Pure epicness, I cant wait for the album! And for those who aren’t, ya’ll are taking this music thing way to seriously!

  • Not the strongest track from either artist. But to say it’s weak? You’re lying to yourself. The production is tight and detailed, sounding epic with the orchestra sample but still managing to sound like a party record. Good choice for the first single, but I’m hoping the rest of the EP will have a more serious (or heavier) theme.

  • Isaac

    I don’t know I was looking forward for this album. I’m a Soul fan and I like JMSN music but I don’t know let’s see if the rest of the album is different.

  • JMSN

    The Orchestra is not a sample

  • marty mcfly

    Ummm NO, just NO

  • Kidd

    This is dope, not the deep ab-soul kind of song but good in its own right and it shows he can make different kinds of songs and not be boxed into just one type of sound

  • detroit89

    JSMN is overrated IMO. He is basically The Weeknd with the soul.

  • JBroadous

    Wow, this is really bad

  • Dr. Ghost

    the star of this song is JMSN’s production. That brass section be killin’ it.

  • P

    A song where dudes rap about raping girls but it’s deep? GTFOH.

  • liars

    This is dope af.

  • @JMSN – Even better.

    @detroit89 – I don’t know if Abel can hit a note without some sort of effect attached.

  • stoppp ittt

    Definitely not mixed by ali… sounds horrible sonically

  • Holy-Holyfield


  • Love you Soul but damn this wasnt that great…

  • Maybe I gotta listen a bit more but this sounds like a “rape” song, or and Ode to…

  • flo

    i like it. also digging the production it does sound really well put together. i think the album will be pretty good and something different. no need to hate just cause its tde.

  • Geezy

    Very unimpressive release of a throwaway track given the fact that it’s a paid single through iTunes. While the production, base and concept are all solid the lyrics and hook just don’t do it. Either this was rushed, or is part of a larger concept which the album will convey. However given the solid year that Soul had I’m hoping this is a misstep, cause it’s very forgettable.

    • Ken

      I go with your opinion, your comment has reason and logic, either this project will be a concept album and this track is apart of the whole. And it’s not a rape song, cuz u can CLEARLY hear the 3 girls talkin at the end..and they sound like they just got raped, this bloggers just judge they don’t analyse bruh

  • Geezy


  • spewing

    This is ass.

    Control System was my fav album of 2012 too…

  • M9P

    i’am a Soulo fan (who buys his music) NOT a TDE Stan – This right here is very unimpressive

  • Danathy

    Omg I actually love this song. Ab-soul is my fav artist period but I listen to all songs without bias and love it. Something different for my son :)

  • Ken

    I go with your opinion, your comment has reason and logic, either this project will be a concept album and this track is apart of the whole. And it’s not a rape song, cuz u can CLEARLY hear the 3 girls talkin at the end..and they sound like they just got raped, this bloggers just judge they don’t analyse bruh

  • KING

    This is really disappointing.

  • chu the conqueror

    Nope. Huge Soulo fan but I agree w/ those above…this is weak.

  • 6’8Turok

    Listened to the song many times now and dont understand where you got the idea of rape, just cause he slips a present in the drink? Nothing is as it seems and by now it should be known that Ab-Soul also has a deeper meaning with lyrics.

  • marty mcfly

    The new shit for TDE fans is if a song aint dope they just say it’s part of a larger narrative with a double meaning. GTFOH

  • j

    hes on some rapist shit…the fuck soul??

  • mcd

    this song is meh. pretty weak first release. i wanted to see the strength of the collaboration, but now i doubt it will be very great.

  • wutangshogun

    I don’t think he’d really make an anthem to date-raping girls but that is what the lyrics sound like. When I first heard them I thought he was talking about lean, especially because at the end the girl says she likes the taste and as far as I know roofies don’t have a taste

  • Mike Tomlin

    Havent you guys learned anything from Kendrick or Ab Soul? This is about peoples obsession with women and the fact that they will do absolutely anything to get with them. Its not about Ab Soul raping women its about Ab Soul raising awareness to men and women that slipping pills in their drinks and locking them up in cages is not the same as finding a women who is willing to be with you.

    I didnt even think it was that all that deep of a meaning compared to some of his other stuff. I’d hate to see how you guys listen to Terrorist Threats and Lust Demons.

  • marty mcfly

    This is why I bring up the negative aspects of sending mix messages. To you the song is some deep meaning about obsessing over a bitch but to most listeners the song sounds like its encouraging date rape. Thats cause if you take the words from the song as literal, it doesn’t imply anything as a double meaning with some sort of positive meaning. It only fuels the stereotypical bullshit that hip hop is known to promote and then it even goes further to say you mite as well rape the bitch. So this is another reason why someone may say the song aint dope and its because the execution was sloppy and mixed in messaging.

  • marty mcfly

    The thing about using double entendre or metaphor is there actually has to be a DOUBLE meaning. If the rhyme has only one meaning and you leave it to the fans to just assume to attach another meaning, that doesn’t mean the rhymes were actually deep because the words still remain one dimensional.

  • Yeayea

    I fuck with this heavy y’all retarded this song was put together very well

  • jayson stackz

    its one song…. you niggas here ONE song off an album that you don’t care for that hasn’t even been released yet…and you automatically think..he fell off. lol
    Also consider the fact that this is not an Ab-Soul album its a Ab and jmsn album. Lastly…. i think a lot of you try to disect things a little too much. yes Ab-soul is a very concious deep emcee with true meaning behind his music. but some of his shit is just plain ignorant…so yes..there is a strong possibility that this shit is just plain simply about date rape. Done in a humorous manner. << this is coming from a long time Ab-soul fan and T.D.E. supporter.

  • lammme gawd

    I think this song was put in a place on the project that had significance. like how they released backseat freestyle as single and people just thought “oh on some ignit out turn up shit” but on the album the audio clips before the song gave it meaning. Also at the end the chick is like “nigga tf you puttin in in my drink” but then get’s over it, interpret that how you want. Also if you ever seen some of his interviews he likes to dance around the questions on the topics of his songs not giving clear answers that show his personal opinion, basicly throwing it up as a conversation piece. One of the biggest hits of 2012 “pop that” was kinda date rapey too tellin gasdg to bussit open while rollin off e.Maybe he’s date rapist and im wrong whatever, but it kind of erks me when people show no effort too think about the song.