• Chuck E

    It's easy to kinda dismiss shit due to her overexposure, but moments like this....really brings home that little homegirl we saw in those H-Town talents shows done came a long way. Proud of her. One.

  • wake up

    I could care less about the inaguration but why in the help out of ALL singers did they choose her wack ass? I can name 50 more talented singers in my damn sleep.

  • tag

    ^^^I know, right? They should've had Carl Lewis do the anthem...

  • Scooby

    Really, like who? The only other person would be Alicia Keyes. Maybe you were thinking Pink, Kesha, Rebecca Black?

  • Magee

    It sounded like they designed the instruments to count in order for Beyonce to sing how she wanted to sing it. Like it was more of a single than a song. Is that just me?