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    Protons always win? If you don't understand something, don't talk about it.

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    This dude needs a movie ASAP, I enjoyed the Graphic Novel so much!

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    THe album Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera is a CLASSIC!!!
    Definitely worth supporting. I remember getting this album after learning MF DOOM produced most songs and off the strength of remembering hearing MF GRIMM on the EMOTIONS song and on Dooms first album the song "Tick, Tick.."
    Life and Death was probably my favorite song, it definitely deserved a video...

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    The Downfall Of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera is the full-length debut album by Manhattan, New York rapper MF Grimm, released on January 12, 2002 on his own independent label Day By Day Entertainment.

    The album features a variety of producers: Cas, DJ Eli, dminor and DJ Rob A each produce one track, Dr. Butcher co-produces two with Daniel Dumile (in his Metal Fingers guise) and Count Bass D provides two solo productions and one co-production with Metal Fingers. The rest of the album's production, the lion's share, is handled by Metal Fingers. Vocal guest appearances are made by Count Bass D, MF DOOM and Grimm's Monsta Island Czars colleague Megalon.

    Grimm was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000 for narcotics and conspiracy offences. Paying a one-day bail of $100,000, he recorded The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera in those twenty-four hours. Grimm also said in an interview that the album is mainly a lot of questions he had about his life and that his other albums are answers to life.[2] Studying law while incarcerated, Grimm appealed his sentences and filed counter-suits, with the ultimate effect that his sentence was commuted to three years and he was released in 2003.

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