• pizzy

    sunno)) boris altar

  • liveeddd

    why this nigga in a crop field thoo?

  • ac

    its not like his brand is named after crops or anything .....

  • ac

    in other words, the cover is clever....as fuck.

  • Reb

    I'm doing a thousand-yard stare at the fact that he's in a crop field. The photographer should've gone all out, and took a photo of him picking cotton as well. And I have to add that his facial expression doesn't reflect "Life Changes"; it reflects constipation.

  • realtalkā„¢

    you fools complain about everything.. just shut the fuck up and appreciate the free music for once

  • Mr. Mister

    @realtalk exactly. Who gives a fuck bout the cover art? Fucking 2DopeBoyz C-Section.

  • cbanks13

    production looks like its going to be crazy!

  • Reb

    @realtalk: Damn, emotional much? In that case, not only is the cover (which does matter because it's a part of the presentation) corny to the highest degree, the mixtape as a whole is average with a capital 'a'. Contrasting opinions are a part of reality; you can either get over it, or bury your head in the sand.