Consequence On The Breakfast Club… Again (Video)

blame it on Illy January 21, 2013

Cons returns to The Breakfast Club to talk Love & Hip Hop, KimYe, Q-Tip, Jay-Z, and more.

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  • The Big Lynxbowski

    I really don’t like over emotional fans who hate on people because they said something about their favorite rapper MAN UP AND GROW SOME BALLS

  • Haaaaaan

    I voted this as Dope, but Cons, You need to know, that that “Dope” vote is not because I agree with what you said or even how you handled yourself, but It’s “Dope” because it was interesting.

  • SforMusic

    This goes to prove noo matter how good of a rapper you are, if u are a clown , you are a clown !

  • I think Cons has become garbage music wise but this is pure comedy…

  • DQ

    Most hip hop fans have a hard time staying neutral when two or more hip hop artists have a public falling out or conflict, and people tend to side with the more popular of the two, regardless of who was right and who was wrong. Kanye is obviously the more popular in this scenario which speaks to why there is so much hate on any and every Cons song, interview or reference posted on this site. It does seem as if Cons has a valid reason to feel how he feels about certain people.. BUT, when he gets emotional about it as he did in this interview he is just feeding the fire causing even more people to side with Kanye.. Because most people are only going to see an angry and bitter person mad that someone did them wrong and cant move on with their life.. I don’t personally agree with it, but that is the perception he is giving off.. And his woman certainly didn’t help matters by bringing all these things up and egging him on.

    At the end of the day Consequence is a very talented lyricist and thats all that should really matter, but sadly in this day in age it’s not.

  • chronwell

    Yall the same dudes who been leavin faggit-ass comments since 2010 like he stuntin what yall feel bout him? Get off it! DUde is still nice plus he gonna stand up for himself unlike yall HAHAHA!

  • xyz123

    He playing himself heavy…. Looking like a ho ass nigga putting family business out in the open like that..

  • marty mcfly

    Black Actors was a great song from MOD4. Whether Cons ever really gets the mainstream fame he deserves for his music, the Movies On Demand series is true hip hop at it’s purest form.

  • the realest

    ^ knew this nigga marty listened to cons lmao.

  • A-Millz

    You Mad Bro?

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , yeah and I know you praise French Montana like he’s actually a lyricist with something of value to express in his music and thats cause you simple and basic yourself.

  • marty mcfly

    Just look at what this idiot the realest wrote at the bottom of this section
    Smh, GTFOH

  • the realest

    lol okay. let me listen to french wit the florence n machine samples and club bangers, while you listen to consequence and his love n hiphop ass. not surprised to find you here lol

  • Jordan

    Gather around children, this is Bridge Burning 101

  • Boss

    Does Cons know he really does not matter out here? He all on TV bitching about paying for his kids bday party but is on here saying he doesn’t need money? Cons is delusional lol.

  • Boss

    …and putting that Kanye/GOOD Music “family business” out there after y’all go separete ways is bitch made. Notice the whole interview is about other people and not Cons’ music lol. He exists publicly because of Kanye lol…..and I don’t even like Kanye, but damn.

  • Chuck E

    ….& that’s why Beats, Rhymes & Life don’t get no repeat spins. #justsayin

  • Exhibit C

    @the realest – Judging a man off the music he listens to? That’s hoe shit.

  • Exhibit C

    @the realest – bragging because you listen to club bangers? That’s hoe shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, you think some shit is dope cause of a fucking sample. Florence The Machine was already sampled by a few other artists before Harry Fraud did it for French Montana. I dont care what he sampled fool, his shit still aint that dope.

  • sam

    “you a raccoon out here: you starving….. & …… and you passing niggas diseases”


  • West

    Consequence just dry snitched on kanye! Lmao

  • DoubleClutch95

    “Males shouldn’t be jealous, that’s a females’ trait.”

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Cons was around way before Kanye, get your shit straight. The reason he airing shit out is because everyone think he’s bitter over money, but it’s more personal than that, as you saw in the video. Cons aired everything out though, lol, no dambs were given and took every shot possible. His girl was straight instigating the whole thing too smh. Either way, can’t front on his music, I’d rather much listen to Cons worst shit than Faggot Montana’s best bullshit noise any day.

  • hkg

    Shut up screw up get out of here you suck. Underachievor

  • tellemlikeitis

    he a bitch