Nickelus F – Vices (Album)

blame it on Illy January 21, 2013

VA’s very own Nickelus F comes through with his full-length LP, Vices, which you can download for free below.

  • Galactus

    good look! been waiting for another tape from nick fury

  • koustourika

    yes same as Galactus. Faces was insane so i was expected this one.


    Nick’s shit has always been dope. Ain’t expecting less.

  • Josh

    Drake and Nick working together again!!!

  • xastey

    About time.. been waiting for some a new tape.. people need to stop sleeping on Nick F.

  • justin herschel

    no production credits

  • no production credits cause he did them all himself, according to his twitter

  • The content on this is terrible

  • xastey

    I see he’s trying to change his style, also on some songs the producing was off a bit, some beats changed to quickly, on second listen to see about the content.

  • MrMr.

    Yeah, I’ve been a Nick fan for years. But I’m a little sad seeing how much he is glorifying the excesses of drugs and alcohol. I mean I also enjoy drugs and alcohol. But I don’t think it is healthy to this degree – as a lifestyle choice or as the overwhelming majority of the content of a mixtape.

  • Shaun

    who gives a fuck what he drinks or smokes….Sweet Petey that nigga

  • rswd

    The beats are real smooth!i’m fuckin wit it


  • MrMr.

    Its not the drinking and smoking… its the prominence of nasal sports that is a bit concerning.

    That being said, this tape is fire.

  • D

    The tape is called Vices… are you really complaining about drinking and smoking?
    This tape rocks.

  • 206FRE$H

    this tape is fucking DOPE!

  • Hey Zeus

    This is one of his best projects if not the best. Classic songs, still listen to this everyday Year and a half later and is still growing on me. Nick is the best rapper