• http://www.facebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking shadowsamurai

    If only those DL links in the PREVIOUS link worked...lol, but for real... Im glad you're back to posting some old school stuff. Thanks.

  • the rap bandit

    These guys are not bringing the show back to how they did it in the 90s. The 3rd revival of this show is going to suck.

  • meh

    sway is too mtv now for this to even be like the old days...

    • GREEDY

      Sway is one of the only radio personalities that's a TRUE HEAD still got his ear to the street...don't hate cuz the man gotta make a living...he's got the freedom on Shade 45 to keep it real & he does day in and day out.

  • kps

    This or That a fucking classic!