50 Cent – Major Distribution f. Young Jeezy & Snoop Dogg (Video)

blame it on Shake January 22, 2013

Directed by Eif Rivera.

With Street King Immortal now looking at a Spring release, Curtis releases his new video with Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg.

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    Track is hot and that hook is so catchy but i don’t think Jeezy was needed on here 50 should have featured him on a crazy 1 off south beat just to please them trap fans.

  • rahul jain

    Video is Hot.!!!


    And People keeping saying fifty fell off………Please!

  • freshyboi

    gunplays chain!! LOL

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    lol i missed gunplays chain the first watch lol when you think about all the shit 50 has done to them i mean lets be real he humiliated them and still is laughing at them but there fans keep giving them passes smh

  • marty mcfly

    There definitely was a time that 50 fell off cause from 2007 – 2012, War Angel was the best project he did and that was a mixtape. All his other shit barely made any noise outside of the blogs. However this is a good first single and anything Snoop Dogg is DOPE imo and yes thats even his new reggae shit. If 50 got a whole album that sounds good then he’ll be back on but we’ll see.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    So 50 fell off so hard it’s actually become ‘cool’ to like him again? I see the same with Lloyd Banks posts.

    Fucking 2dope hipsters.

    This is music for 12 year olds. Fake drug raps and gun imagery #GrowUpNiggas

  • Wu Tang

    i want a “rob me a nigga remix” with 50 cent gibbs and yeezy.

  • TEA


  • wr

    That still shot looks like it came from the “huzzah” video.

  • kGb

    lmao look at gunplay’s MMG chain @ 1:07-1:12… they did that nigga dirty haha and they show it twice. who is the kid rocking his chain, is that 50s son? lmao smh the disrespect is crazy

  • Cage

    ^^^ That’s kidd kidd son.. But yeah that was mad disrespectful and hilarious at that hahahahahha

  • Schuyler

    Lmao, what the hell is Brazzers doing in this video.

  • chris

    one word – SHITE

  • holyjeez

    whos the chick naked gold painted brazzers…

  • S.Dot

    ^^ shorty is a bad bitch from queens. her ig>>>>

  • grapedrank

    Cam’ron ended this dudes career way back

  • gregory kruxx.

    Dopee. 50 may not be as relevant as he once was but he still brings heat. The visuals were dope. He got the MMG chain he snatched in the vid lol and he got some bitches promoting Brazzers. Too funny. I digs this ish. Salute.

  • teqtq

    200k views in 2 days that’s what happens when eminem and adam levine aint there to hold a nigga hand

  • Ol’Greg

    Good song, good video, is there anything else to say……unless u wanna dick ride or hate

  • j

    whats up with the brazzers shit?

  • Amygdala

    ‘So 50 fell off so hard it’s actually become ‘cool’ to like him again? I see the same with Lloyd Banks posts.’ LMFAO Co-sign @TruthHurtsNigga for that…

    Co-sign @chris: PRECISELY

    WOW?!… If that aint BITIN A$AP Rocky’s Goldie visual with all the gilt props n shit; the wardrobe [leather], the isolated props the cinematography; symmetry n shit then fuck me I don’t know what is… BLATANT replicated shit in a desperate attempt to cling to relevancy… tut tut…

    M.M.G. chain shit was funny as fuck though…

  • Amygdala

    …and for all that you allegedly [still] dislike [so vehemently] Fat Joe and all that had the slightest allegiance to him an’ that fuck(ed) with him, you then proceed to go and get a director that directs his shit for him?! Not to mention French Montana an’ Pseudo Ricky?! Naa… contradiction in terms right there bruh…


    that beat is straight west coast. shoulda gave it to game but i still faux wit it

  • Pimpingyourmotheriseasy

    Dope! Snoop and 50 rapping hard on this one.

  • Kuruption2123

    Snoop absolutely makes this joint. Nice.

  • speezola

    Cam’ron ended this dudes career way back

    ^ Cam’ron’s clown ass hasn’t had a hit on the radio since 50 ethered him with Funeral Music. FOH, Cameron’s career has BEEN over.