A.Dd+ – Can’t You See (Video)

blame it on Shake January 22, 2013

The Dallas duo kicks off their 2013 with a new video for the latest single off their upcoming project DiveHiFlyLo (which is being described as a “darker and far more personal” effort compared to 2011’s When Pigs Fly), due out this Spring.

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  • Josh

    LOL theses dudes are garbage, DBZ really post no name broke dudes? LOL come on guys step it up.

  • Jay Grove

    You think they’re garbage because they’re “no name” artists? That’s part of the problem when it comes to new music, many people call artists ‘garbage’ when they aren’t known to the mainstream. A.Dd+ will be some of the next artists to make it big and I bet when they do, you’ll be like “I’ve been listening to them since they first came out.”

  • Garbage? What song did you listen too? I mean opinons are fine but give these cats some due! This shit is soulful. I agree w/ Jay Grave above, sick of cats needing some kind of validation before the masses will fuck with em.

  • James

    Josh you should stay off DBZ and tune into the radio or something. Tie your shoes and quit trippin, kid…

  • A.Dd+ is doing a crazy amount for Dallas hip-hop. Too call these men garbage is more telling of your taste than their talent.

  • Mitas

    Dope stuff! Looking forward to their project!