A$AP Rocky’s Long.Live.A$AP Debuts #1 On Billboard

blame it on Shake January 22, 2013

Just as it was predicted last week, A$AP’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP is taking the #1 spot on Billboard this week with a reported 141k copies sold (even after leaking a full month early). Congrats to Rocky and the Mob! UPDATE: Final tallies are in, 139k.

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  • Adi


  • liveloveAskirt

  • Good Peoples!

    Deserved??? What competition did he have? No other good album came out during this time!

    Remember NICKI MINAj Roman Reloaded album was #1 On Billboard but did she Deserve it??? Hell No! B/c she had no competition!!!!!!!!

  • SforMusic

    He deserved it after having his entire album leaked a month before release !

  • TJwavy

    yea its desereved, because its a amazing body of work

  • Good Peoples!

    When 141K is on top of billboard album sells, thats what you call a damn shame LOL! but i guess during this day in age of hip hop mediocre sells are a success *shrugs

  • This guy lyrics are very average! CHECK OUT MY REVIEW! CLICK BELOW

  • Wack Album

    this album wasn’t all that good but i 4got asap fan club be on this website! groupie boyz!

  • moshizzle

    this album bangs! nice work rocky!

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm well even with the leak that’s what’s up bravo to dude!


    i couldve dropped on a week with no releases and went 1#…smoke and mirrors to me when he goes gold…wont happen

    • Don p

      Damn brah.. You should be ashamed of yourself for having that much hate in your blood. Betta yet when he goes gold just shoot yaself, cuz it will happen.

  • muk

    well deserved. big album

  • Why can’t those of us who are happy for him just be happy for dude? Is it his fault he dropped on a slow week for new albums? Damn…if you havehate for a legit reason, fine whatever…but man, feels like y’all hate just to hate

  • marty mcfly

    These are cool first week numbers and all and no diss to Rocky but just in general I think hip hop artists can and should strive to do better. I mean there is no such thing as a perfect lyricist or a perfect production style but imo lyrics, beats, originality and just the basic shit like making music that sounds realistic is lacking. I listened to this album one time and didn’t hear anything that really explains the core of what Asap Rocky is about and if thats not the purpose of a debut album then what is? And again thats just speaking in general so it applies to whoever you want it to apply to but its gotta be more to life then these materialistic and cliche topics. Not saying that Rocky didn’t go further on the album at times but just saying where is the STATEMENT like yo this is what im about and this is what I stand for period? I think when albums are missing that then of course you aint gonna see platinum numbers. Now people gonna say well nobody goes platinum but hip hop is all about doing what seems like cant be done. I could go on but you get it.

  • Jarvo

    Congrats to Asap even though the album was mad ehhhh, You gotta give him the props. I mean the shit been leaked and people still went out and copped it.

  • dunno

    Where’s the track with Lana?

  • vlado

    deserved, amazing album

  • Richie

    Props to that dude @marty mcfly

    easily the smartest and/or maturest dude on this site

  • cotoXypono

    Everything is clear , thank you …

  • JAyP

    CD had grew on me I like it a lot CONGRATS ASAP!

  • 2much4theseniggaz

    it leaked a month early. he got the #1 spot. fuck boyz gona hate, but he eating.

  • 2much4theseniggaz

    ” listened to this album one time and didn’t hear anything that really explains the core of what Asap Rocky is about” LOL what the fuck do you know about rocky ?

    You admitted you listen to the album once. Ur opinion holds no weight. Sorry i thought was a stupid comment you made. You might agree.

  • Can’t even lie.

    It’s a very good album I can’t even lie. Honestly, after his very impressive mixtape I thought the album wouldn’t even compare. But it’s actually BETTER than live love asap.

    A great way to start off ’13, I must say.

  • The ghost of John Henry

    A$ap Rocky aint nothing but hard up homo thug commercial bubblegum rap force fed to stupid azz sheeple who like to be told what to listen to. Billboard charts don’t prove shyt except who was sucking some wack azz industry a&rs cock to get radio play. Bytch ass homo thug rappers like this lame are the real whores.


    LiveLoveASAP was better.

  • lol to the dawg that said “longliveAskirt” .. I cant front though I’m listening to this album everyday.

  • ryandinho

    this shit is sad. lame ass harlem dude perpetrating texas culture gets barbie dolled by clothing companies and is catapulted to the forefront of hip hop (commercially). He literally ads nothing to his instrumentals.

    /now im done

  • the realest

    ^ that.

  • marty mcfag

    fuck asap and any rapper for the matter. jay-z and drake are the only rappers that matter to me. if i was a woman, i would sleep with drake. if i was beyonce, my life would be complete having jay-z as my husband and baby daddy. yeah!

  • marty mc-bitch

    ^^you internet nerds are pussies for imitating me. yeah i know i have alot of time on my hands commenting all the time, and yeah i go from being a biased jayz/drake fanboy to straight up dickriding them and all, but im justified in it cause i spit straight facts defending them left & right (as well as their semen out my mouth PAUSE) while u you lames just dickride me cause u got nothing going for yourseleves. you live your every moment just to shit on me, and quite frankly, i feel sorry for you smh