Asher Roth – The Reading (Video)

blame it on Shake January 22, 2013

Directed by Chimp.

Remember when Asher Roth was a XXL Freshmen back in 2009? And remember the inagural Freshmen 10 mixtape? If so, you might remember this cut. Now, years later, we get a video.

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  • jobie

    sleepin on this dude, been dope since the beginning

  • Right?

    ^What he said, criminally slept on

  • Frat King

    make another song like “i love college.” he hasn’t had any buzz since then, and the only people who still talk about him are hipster fags. make a song that the bitches can dance to and the guys can get fucked up to.

  • had to say this

    ^^^This is a major issue with hip hop nowadays. To many niggas want music that will let them dance, but not anything that will make them think. The dude makes good chill music, has a good flow, and he can rap his way around a dictionary. If you want to dance listen to house music, but if you want to hear good iambic pentameter listen to hip hop.

  • Hipsterfag

    Well the dopes speak for the quality of this song, but Frat King has a point and I wouldn’t mind a dope song to get fucked up to by Asher Roth at the end of the day and that my “bitch” would like haha

  • C-los

    Ive been listening to him since before he was in college! GIVE ME CREDIT!! I KNOW WHAT IM SAYING CUZ I FOUND HIM FIRST!