• damn mayne

    His verses and this hook literally made me laugh out loud. Lol

  • http://nigunitnation.blogspot.com Nig_Unit

    I'm waiting for a white rapper to make a "I got all these black bitches" song just to see everyone get up in arms.

  • Redd

    ...ooooooohh i can't wait till a white rapper comes with a song call "Black B*tches," pretty sure the universe will shift

    p.s Im black
    Tootles (Casually make a series of sounds on a horn, trumpet)

  • karl

    I like the inclusion of the MLK monument at the end. Classy.

  • T. Funke

    The posts like these always do a great job of reminding
    me that I'm getting too old for this shit. Or too educated.

  • confused

    all 5 of them..

  • Jonesy Stark