Casey Veggies – Life Changes (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka January 22, 2013

The (2)Dope To Sleep On alumni has grown tremendously over the last couple years, and now he’d like to introduce you to his new world with his latest offering. Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

1. Life Changes f. Phil Beaudreau (prod. The Futuristiks, Dawaun Parker)
2. My Vision (prod. The Futuristiks & 1500 or Nothin)
3. Young Winners (prod. Dynamic Duo)
4. She In My Car f. Dom Kennedy (prod. DJ Dahi)
5. Faces (prod. Rob Holladay)
6. Life$tyle (prod. Cardiak)
7. The Team (prod. The Futuristiks)
8. Whip It (prod. D.R.U.G.S)
9. Love = Hate (prod. THC)/Ulterior Motives f. BJ the Chicago Kid (prod. Rahki)
10. Everything Wavy (prod. PriceTag)
11. I Love Me Some You (prod. Harry Fraud)
12. These Days (prod. The Futuristiks & 1500 or Nothin)
13. Take My Life (prod. The Futuristiks & 1500 or Nothin)

DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies – Life Changes (Mixtape)

  • that truth

    this guy sucks. like hes really terrible

  • Someguy817

    ^Come to hate on his tape without even listening like your opinion means shit ain’t “That the Truth”

  • Famous

    nah he doesn’t suck, but he sure ain’t great. still fresh tape.

  • XXhale

    what he rapping about doe?

    bullshit like everyone else?

    y a w n

    ill pass

  • milly

    @that truth
    u do realize its 62 to 2 fuck boi. ppl like it, ur that 2% that dont lmao bye now

  • matt

    clearly you didnt listen fuckboy ^ veggies only gettin better…let the haters stack up

  • Production on first track is bananas…

  • Damn no K. Roosevelt beats this time round…
    Still gon dwnload.

  • Dom k

    Casey veggies is that youngin…hes 18 and gettin it…you cant hate

  • jen

    Mixtape is alright…he aint rapping about shit….boring rap…he have got a lot better tho…

  • hemani

    Welp…at least the production is dope. No hate I just don’t see what is good about veggies. Get that doe tho bruh

  • Joe

    Brah is 19, almost 20. Lol.

  • LOUD

    Young veggies is kinda average, like a black mac miller. His beats save him. Imma dl though. Hope that track with dom is fire

  • Dev

    Yet another mixtape, and Casey is still mediocre. Well, in my opinion he is. His age is irrelevant to me in terms of having that “it-factor” which usually comes naturally rather be forced. I simply don’t view him as a stand-out. It seems as if he’s desperately searching for a niche that will stick, but if the production has to carry you then you don’t have the talent in which would speak for itself. And I have to add that considering the fact that he’s been at this for several years, I find it absurd that his evolution is moving so slow.

  • Looking Forward To Listening To This Later Today. I’m A Veggies Guy, But I’ll Admit He Has Never Amazed Me Lyrically.

  • Aye

    dont count this out. amazing so far and very real you can tell its genuine. A+ Casey my dude as always

  • Ya Bish

    its aight, some good tracks but nothing special IMO

  • who gives a fuck about what hes rapping about? The overall sound is ill, such an improvement for yun veggies. If you dont think this is good, you need to start listening to better music…

  • damn a lot of hate for the homie. He must be doing something right. Make sure you eat your #veggies

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Is it because the new layout erased all the votes and comments before or did nobody actually check this out?