CunninLynguists: Strange Journey Vol. 3 (A&R Meeting #2)

Now that the Canada tour is over and the holidays have passed, Kno and Deacon give an update on the creation of Strange Journey Vol. 3. If you remember from the first meeting, Kno asked the fans to head to their Facebook page and vote on who they'd like to see on the project. Now with the second meeting, he and Deacon announce the closing of the polls and speak on some of the artists that were chosen to be apart of SJV3. Stay tuned as the updates will start to come more frequently as the trio continues to work..

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  • Untuchd_Reno

    "Because I got punched in the face by Jack Daniels"

  • This is a nice treat for the fans

  • stopit5

    I'd go with Flocka just to hear something new! I expected every single name they mentioned.

  • Trax$

    My wish list for the album is pretty simple. I only got one severely unrealistic idea for it.

    Dark Time Sunshine (Production from Zavala and a verse from Onry)
    Hilltop Hoods

    ........and here is the terribly unrealistic one, ANDRE 3000. Now I think looking at Andres success on chill low tone Kno esque beats it would be an amazing compliment to their style. It will prob NEVER happen though unfortunately


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