• Untuchd_Reno

    "Because I got punched in the face by Jack Daniels"

  • http://real-tube.net/blog/ qtslim3000

    This is a nice treat for the fans

  • stopit5

    I'd go with Flocka just to hear something new! I expected every single name they mentioned.

  • Trax$

    My wish list for the album is pretty simple. I only got one severely unrealistic idea for it.

    Dark Time Sunshine (Production from Zavala and a verse from Onry)
    Hilltop Hoods

    ........and here is the terribly unrealistic one, ANDRE 3000. Now I think looking at Andres success on chill low tone Kno esque beats it would be an amazing compliment to their style. It will prob NEVER happen though unfortunately