Curren$y – New Jet City (Artwork)

blame it on Shake January 22, 2013

Spitta just took to Instagram to reveal the cover art to his next project, New Jet City, dropping February 3rd.

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  • chuck

    always dope artworks from spitta

  • 2dope4nope

    This nigga is really livin that super fly 70’s theme life with the artworks huh well I guess things were too real then unlike the CGI life now a days haha!

  • zbMrOG

    “Livin for the Cit-tay”

  • Check

    Spitta has so much material… I’m keen on knowing what yall think his best body of work is. Personally, I first place Pilot Talk 2… Shits too smooth.

    • pimpRdie

      Pilot talk 2 was hard and smokey robertson

  • Ted

    Definetly a tie between both pilot talks. Btw Trademark Da Skydiver is the most slept on rapper in the game! Just sayin.

  • Check

    Smokee Robertson is underrated… That shit was good from start to finish minus Don cannon

  • realtalk™

    Looking forward to the songs with Juvenile and Jadakiss.. French Montana and Rick Ross, not so much.

  • realtalk™

    and the first Pilot Talk is my shit

  • Check

    Also 2dopeboyz(i think Shake) compiled an 8 track Freep way back before Smokey Robertson was released. I lost that shit… Was really dope.

  • Check check

    Or 5track I forgot.. Was so long ago

  • Check

    The reason I don’t put PT1 on top is coz i skip through some tracks, it’s not as coherent for me as PT2. However the best tracks on PT1 are better than the best tracks on PT2. For example Breakfast, Address, Roasted, Prioritize.

  • aremac

    It’s “Smokee Robinson” smh.

  • Mike

    PT2….Airbourne aquarium Michael Knight and A Gee

  • 2

    LOL smokee robertson

  • marty mcfly

    The Stoned Immaculate was imo his best body of work from start to finish. Pilot Talk may seem cooler because it was more underground but as far as subject matter, hooks and solid and cohesive production, I gotta go Immaculate. An album I did not know Spitta even knew how to make and I was glad to be wrong about that. Covert Coup was dope too.

  • Lol stoned immaculate def wasn’t his best… I say both pilot talks, smokee Robinson, and the slept in return 2 the winners circles r his best bodies of wrk..

  • marty mcfly

    Idk man cause from a song writing and beat picking perspective and not just a freestyle formula that Spitta often uses to make quick songs, Immaculate is pretty heavy.

    What It Look Like
    Privacy Glass
    No Squares – Beast music right here
    Chasin Papers
    Thats The Thing
    Fast Cars
    Jet Life – one of the best singles last year
    JLR – dope beat

    This album is damn near a flawless victory. I dont think his other projects are like this one. Pilot Talks were alot more appreciated due to such a high anticipation from Jet fans and they were dope too but Immaculate was just crazy.

  • sean sheldon

    I still listen to his Independence Day mixtape all the time. That goes so hard!

  • Lance Geneva

    Pilot Talk 2 is definitely my favorite project from Spitta.. Airborne Aquarium featured some of his most dexterous rhymes to date, Montreux was the smoothest track he’s ever done.. Many other cuts contain some of the slickest beats this nigga has ever had and the rhymes definitely backed them up.. Covert Coupe is also a very close contender for me due to the cohesiveness of the production and surgically precise features..

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    People Forgetting About “Jet Files” …i would say spitta top 5 project if you want to get into his music would be

    1.Pilot Talk 2
    2.Covert Coup
    3.Pilot Talk 1
    4.Jet Files
    5.Stoned Immaculate

  • Don The jet

    Man Yall are crazy lol, I can tell a lot of yall are new fans, saying listen to the new stuff. While the New stuff is good, it’s nearly not as great as some of his old work.

    1. Independence Day
    2. Higher than 30,000 feet
    3. Pilot Talk
    4. Fear and Loathing in New Orleans
    5. Covert Coup

  • marty mcfly

    Spitta has alot of great projects including shit like Jet Files and Fear and Loathing but @Check was talking about great bodies of work and imo that implies something that is cohesive and fits together tightly like one piece of artwork. Thats why I had to go Immaculate. I dont think there is any new Spitta fans on 2DBZ, mostly everyone here is familiar with Spitta.

  • Child

    Spitta best project is Weekend at bernies. damn near flawless project.

  • Streetman15

    1. Covert Coup
    2. Fear & Loathing in New Orleans
    3. Super Tecmo Bowl
    4. Priest Andretti
    5. Verde Terrace

  • Yall niggas trippin Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly, Independence Day, Fin…, Smokee Robinson, & bth Pilot Talks pilot talk one goes with 2 u have hear em both to get it! Stoned Immaculate is no where near top. Plus Couvert Coup how could u not name that

  • Title Track on Fear n Loathing, Verde Terrace was not b slept on either!!

  • JAyP

    2. PT1
    4. PT2

  • chef

    1. smokee robinson
    2. return to the winners circle
    3. Covert Coup
    4. PT1
    5. PT2

  • Travis mcknight

    I would have to say my top 5 of Curren$y works too to bottom were PT1, PT2, Fin, This Ain’t no Mixtape, and Super Techmo Bowl. I would give The stoned Immaculate the fifth slot but I can’t stand corner boy p or 2chains and Jet files just isn’t consistent enough for me

  • MrMan

    Yall dumb fuckers, ALL OF SPITTAS MUSIC IS GOOD!!!!!!!