J Dilla’s Record Collection Up For Sale On eBay

blame it on Meka January 22, 2013

J Dilla’s “certificate of authenticity”

While some may consider this as a form of blasphemy and prefer to have Dilla’s collections placed in a museum (which I understand and agree with to an extent), some may also think of this as a perfect, personal way to honor an influential man’s legacy (which I also understand and agree with to an extent). With the help of Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, fans can now purchase the very vinyls J Dilla crafted many a banger from…

1) A signed and numbered certificate from Maureen Yancey (Ma Dukes) stating the LP record you will receive is from J Dilla’s personal collection.

2) An LP originally bought by Dilla (on one of his many crate diggin’ expeditions) still in the loose bag Dilla put all his records in. None of the records have been cleaned or checked for defects. You will receive it just as it was in Dilla’s collection, possible writing on covers, old price tags, fingerprints and all.

Head to eBay now for your chance to win. UPDATE: Welp, this week’s sale came and went. Stand by for next week’s sale.

  • CABNumber

    This is disgusting.

  • pfffffffff

    All his rich friends can’t throw Ma Dukes some money? Badu, ?uestlove, Common, De La…so many others. Like for real how much money does it take to stop bastardizing his legacy? It’s like a normal person throwing $50 in. This is wrong. On fucking eBay too? Nah.

  • This is the hip-hop version of MLK’s son Dexter charging 800k to use his father’s image at his own memorial and demanding money to broadcast the “I Have A Dream” speech.

  • Poooosssss

    Meh JDilla make fucking boring elevator music.. Who gives a shit?? Cunts that’s who.

  • chea!

    Poooosssssdo is bitch made. Do you even lift?

  • Thoroughly Revulsed


    Disgusting… just straight FUCKIN DISGUSTING. No wonder our Black artform CONTINUES to be watered down to Pop music n shitted on by The Machine… everyone who’s allegedly Hip-Hop/in Hip-Hop/LIVES Hip-Hop is jus gonna stand-by and watch a man’s PERSONAL legacy jus get pissed up the wall?!?! [ESPECIALLY BEING AS A PRODUCER’S VINYL IS HIS HOLY GRAIL i.e. SACRED; let alone it concerning THIS producer]… I mean where tha fuck’s Black Milk, ?uestlove or Common (bein as he ‘professes’ to be soooo fuckin pro-Purist Hip-Hop) I mean nuff [Detroit] mans have eaten off this man and nothin?!?! An’ I’m more of a Primo muhfucka to be fair but what the man’s done for the culture let alone the Detroit Hip-Hop culture?!?! Yet I STILL bang his shit and APPRECIATE an’ RESPSECT this man. I don’t get it?! EVERYONE is allegedly so ‘pro-Dilla’; this site, when he’s posted, mentioned, his anniversary’s still so celebrated etc. yet THIS BLASPHEMOUS behaviour still perpetuates?!?! FULL respect to Ma Dukes but what the fucks goin on?! This SHOULD be put in a museum: WITHOUT QUESTION. I mean even from a pragmatic and temporal point of view, look how long this shit would have taken to accumulate?! Let alone the sacredness… His/This collection should NEVER be fragmented. Full stop. I just hang my head in fuckin SHAME… I jus pray an’ HOPE this kina fuckery NEVER occurs to Primo when he passes an’ he puts a preventative clause in his will or some shit…


    Co-sign @CABNumber and @pfffffffff utterly…

  • Real Talk


  • Si

    Why on earth should Q-Tip etc. give J Dilla’s family money? You guys wouldn’t give your workmates / friends money unless you could afford it and a lot of the people mentioned above are not exactly rolling around in Scrooge McDuck money.

    The sad fact of the matter is that J Dilla clearly did not manage his money very well when he was alive and his mom needs to get to a job rather than relying on sponging from Dilla’s friends and fans.

    Like a lot of sportsmen from poor backgrounds, hip-hoppers are just not educated on the art of saving money.

    This is what needs to change: perhaps a non-profit organisation needs setting up to assist with these sorts of things – first contracts, investing money, not spunking it all on £1000 vinyl for one track when the rent needs paying / spending it all on shiny chains that mean nothing.

    And what on earth is there to preserve? I love J Dilla’s music but dude effectively spent an entire career ripping off other people’s tracks, albeit beautifully. It’s hardly the holy grail.

    To everyone above and below who is getting salty about the whole saga, how about you donate $10 to Ma Dukes from your own pockets. I can damn near guarantee that only a few of you bothered to buy copies of the albums / singles in question in the first case, preferring to download them, so how about you line the pockets of the mother of the artist that the vast majority have ripped off yourselves for the last decade or so.

    After all, there are no platinum plaques or royalties for albums downloaded from Pirate Bay. And online props does not may the medical insurance.

  • This some bull, most of the artists that are big now came up off beats from him on their first mixtapes, such as drake, his bald headed producer sampled some Jdilla, kanye has sampled Jdilla mad Muhfuckas have sampled this legend and noone gives respect.. FUCK YALL

  • The Vet

    I half agree with you “Si” .. Yeah he spent his entire career ripping off other people’s tracks, but what he did was not only part of Hip Hop culture, but it advanced Hip Hop culture & to a sense music universally. It wasn’t until Hip Hop came about where you would hear peoples music sampled in non Hip Hop genres. Now day’s you’d be surprised at how many different genres have made the art of sampling apart of their own music. It’s not like he used their tracks in didn’t give credit. Any thing he’s made that has landed on an album or something he ended up making profit off of was cleared by the rights holders to those songs and most of the holders were the artist he sampled, so he helped put money in their pockets with royalty checks for clearing the sample. It’s a win win.

  • ra

    Dilla was a different kind of dude. His relationship with the music was his most important priority. Everyone likes nice things but don’t take shots at DIlla. I would like any one in his situation, fighting lupus with increasing hospital bills not go broke.

    Selling his records is a shame. But it might be a necessary evil for his fam. It’s sad. Someone who says they love Jay Dee should buy his record collection.

  • Ben

    Haters will hate regardless, that’s what they do. They’d probably consider an academic paper that sites sources for its thesis as “plagiarism”.

    I LOVE the auction idea too. Way to disseminate his legacy into the hands of the fans who love him! Build a museum and the fans who love him will come to that TOO. It’s not an either/or. Even if buyers of the vinyl do it to flip it and make money, the premium that creates only increases Dilla’s legacy. It’s a no-lose situation as far as I can see it…

  • energetikk

    What is up with all these angry comments? It’s going to the Dilla Foundation, so what’s the problem? Should Ma Dukes just stash his vinyls forever? Why not let the fans pay homage by supporting a the Dilla foundation and receive a “personal memory” of Dilla in form of old vinyls?

  • Thaddeus

    I mean. Should they go in museum? Should they sit around? Let them circulate and let Dilla live on.

  • david

    $30 each, $4 P&P, 100 sold, that’s $3,400 for Ma Dukes and this is just the first sale, I imagine he has at least (at the VERY least) 25,000 records, Pete Rock has said in interviews he has 50,00 in his house alone and keeps some at a relatives, I’m sure she’s not mad that his friends/affiliates don’t keep throwing money her way