• Fiend

    A lazy nigga much like myself would like one link.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ im working on it now.

  • uno

    Trev is an extremely talented writer/emcee .. The city (Denver) thanks you for spotlighting another one of our hidden jems... We've got plenty more... The world just doesn't know yet.

  • Mumsdaword

    Nice to see some Colorado love dude is pretty nice

  • cLaRk

    this is actually really good

  • http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com Agentspits

    This mixtape is too good, I had it sitting on my desktop for a little while, and finally peeped it, and was more than pleasantly surprised.

  • CSKB

    Good music just is... and Trev does that... WELL. A nigga with bars worth listening to... imagine that.