• Naylor Vega

    on track 7 and so far so good! really enjoying the southern flow.

  • Juicy-G

    Dam! Underground at it's finest. I love 2dopeboyz!

  • justin herschel

    classic my new favorite group thank u 2dopeboyz.com

  • http://goldenunderground.net Christian Hernandez


  • DBS

    Sounds a little bit too Christian for my taste but I'll give it a listen.

  • Ayo-Ret

    They're about as religious as Big K.R.I.T in my opinion, but it's whatever. I heard this tape a few weeks back, fell in love with it. Absolutely dope.

  • RonRon

    This is big for SC!

  • dave

    i put on this mixtape the other day during our weekly card game, and everyone up here in Vancouver, Canada was lovin it.

  • http://thenqm.com A fan since way back when Ment told me to listen (An Awfully Good Mixtape) and also a blogger.

    S/O Oxy! "My Well Smokes Good" is still a banger. Pedro said he's working on a solo project if you'd wanna look out for that one too.

    I'm glad things are coming together for them!


    dope ass tape. these dudes have been slept on for way too long. shout-out to my boys bout to put SC on the map

  • Diggin It

    The production on this is absolutely awesome. I mean, it's great as a whole, but the production is WOW.

  • http://www.nancioishiphop.com Nanci O.

    Their first mixtape 'My Well Smokes Good' was jammin' too. This trio has released two great mixtapes.

  • Robert D

    Don't sleep on J Brown! dude beats is dope #JOEBREEZY

  • Juicy-G

    Doo Wop >>>>>>>>>

  • Geezy

    Definitely fucking with this here, props on the post.

  • DJ Ckeef

    these niggas better be signed by the end of the year....... smh

  • Jonesy Stark

    I mosdef rocks with this. Always glad to hear some dopeness comin' up out of my home state. Shout outs to the whole Low Country, folk.

  • david

    Proposition Joe on the left in the 2nd pic

  • dstew

    very very very good album. top ten in 2013 so far.

  • Soulful Hip-Hop

    Not bad at all. Dudes really have talent.

  • Marko

    @dstew The album came out in 2012, dipshit!

  • Sherlock Homey

    Off one listen, I can say this shit is amazing. I am so glad I decided to click this post and listen. They have a concrete sound I can rock with. I hope these goes go far, they have an instant fan now.

  • blazin

    this dat realllll smokin muzik shit rides