• Kd

    Its out already. Watched it last night. Ill shit, The ending though<<<<<<

  • fletcher

    Fucking Classic!

  • Good Peoples!

    Just realize the ppl who run this website and the ppl who visit this website are nerds! LOL

    This explains a lot

  • coolCat

    The worst batman rendition imo, still worth the watch tho

  • Chris

    You know Mark was kidding when he said that right? He'll be back for the next Arkham game (Whenever that is). If you can't wait til the 29th, The Movie's been available Digitally Through Amazon Since the 6th.Both parts are Beyond Dope.

  • Artclasshero

    Yeah, the movie is already available (legally) It's definitely worth the download. I watched Part 1 over before I watched Part 2. Sexy stuff. The Joker in part 2....fucking insane.