Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools (Drank) Goes Platinum

blame it on Shake January 23, 2013

The good kid from Compton has yet another plaque to go on his wall as his single “Swimming Pools (Drank)” surpassed the 1 million sold mark and is now certified platinum. Congrats to the whole TDE squad!

I’ve also included some footage after the jump of K. Dot performing in front of a sold out crowd at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

  • quas

    fuckin great song

  • Fuck yeah. Dude deserves it

  • PistolsPerformLikePunches

    To I bet you Shake is jizzing his pants, lmao!

  • YouOnlyLiveEternally

    Shake can’t possibly be jizzing his pants, when they’re obviously down to his knees as he’s bent over for KDOT. #4realdough.

  • Real Talk

    Only reason he did so well is because of Dr. Dre’s and Jimmy’s influence and hand holding.

  • Lock

    Garbage and his weave is garbage

  • Good job, it’s da best album I heard last year

  • shut up

    Dre knows how to drop a single.

  • james

    crackers loved the shit out of this dumb track. His album has like 3-4 good tracks, this wasn’t 1 of them. basic shit will always sell, better hope this dude doesn’t turn into the male Nikki Minaj.

  • Mike Tomlin

    LMAO people hate when an artist sells out to make a hit single but also hate when he doesnt sell out and still goes platinum.

    Sorry that youre not Kendrick, but since you cant be, no reason to hate on the guy for making dope music that a million ppl are willing to spend their dollar 25 on and millions more who got it for free are enjoying.


    James you’re on drugs. only 3-4 good recordings? When this album had raving reviews and sales? I hate Hip Hop Opinions.. Numbers dont care about what you’re talking about. this “dumb track” went platinum (in a little over 6 months) while most people just going gold… Come come now.

  • 1

    Why are people always trying to diss Shake n Meka for showing Kendrick Lamar love? They been holding him down since day one. Are they supposed to flip on him now just cause he’s successful now (like a lotta people in the c-section have been doing)?

    Kid gave us an arguably classic album and a platinum selling single with club appeal and substance…what more do y’all want?
    Better yet, is there anyway to please you guys?

    Let the “Stan” Rants begin…

  • james

    Don’t nobody gives a fuck about club appeal in hip-hop. Only rich crackers buy up this shit(to make it go plat). Kendrick is an average rapper living in a below-average era of hip hop standards.

    When you have muppet bitches pressing out records like “You a stupid hoe” and whatever bullshit FloRida/Wayne has out at the time, you can miss me with your numbers nonsense.

    Meanwhile, Nas is having mediocre success with an album that easily trumps this hipster shit.

  • swageezy

    @James Let me guess, if Nas’s Summer on Smash single went platinum you woulda been cool with it right?

  • Heyzzz

    @James oh ok i see why your mad its because other people tried to compare his album to the illmatic? Hating on other people for over hyping his shit doesnt mean you have to get mad at kendrick


    Nas having mediocre success? You dont have a clue what you are talking about. Nas album was successful. You a stupid hoe was only respected by no one. I have no clue what crowd you are in but its a little off from reality.

    I know more Black people that buy albums than I do ‘rich crackers’. People are starting to support artists like ASAP. Not to mention the entire west coast is backing Kendrick like he is our hip hop messiah. The simple fact that everyone in CA was feeling his music discredits you ‘opinions’ the numbers are deserved.

  • 1

    @james…that was the most off-topic bullshit i’ve read in a while..

    nas is having mediocre sucess?
    kendrick lamar is hipster bullshit?

    and that old “rich cracker” argument is waaay outdated…

    i was pointing out the club “appeal” to show that you can make a song for the clubs WITH substance and still sell..but i guess that went way over your head..

    always the same shit…you hype a artist up when he’s on the come up, but as soon as he finally makes it you start to hate on em (drake, j.cole, kendrick lamar, etc)…already feel sry for joey bada$$ or whoever else is next to blow up…..

  • marty mcfly

    I wont say Nas had a mediocre success BUT some of what James means by that statement is kinda true. Nas first two singles (Nasty, The Don) didnt really connect with people cause lets be honestly how many times you actually heard those songs played? Not much in any setting really. Daughters was the highest point of commercial success for Life Is Good and Daughters died down about two weeks later. Bye Baby and Cherry Wine were also just kinda ignored by most of mainstream hip hop even though the videos got some play. Now the underground is one thing but honestly that part of the game will always love Nas no matter what he does period. Why Nas didnt lead off with Loco Motive and then go into Summer on Smash as singles I dont know but honestly the Life Is Good impact wasn’t quite as big as people made it out to be, thats if were keeping it all the way 100. As for Kendrick, this single did what it was supposed to do so its all good.

  • LOUD

    All the S.A.F.E niggas come out in the c section whenever there’s a k dot post. Get off dude dick and let him live 1 time jeez

  • james

    The only freshman major label rapper that has lived up to his hype is J Cole, from those names above. But, he’s earned the hype through a fistfull of mixtapes with pure fire. Lamar, Rocky, Badass, and all these other young cats are nowhere near as talented in their craft.

    And what the fuck does Drake have to do with hip hop? lol I don’t ever recall cats talkin about this Degrassi motherfucker blowing up the rap game lmao

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Do you think Coles first two singles actually lived up the the hype that was generated by his own fans? Honestly You honestly believe that Work Out and Cant Get Enough lived up to the J Cole hype?

  • marty mcfly

    Oh and dont let me forget, Nobodys Perfect and In The Morning ft. Drake… All songs for commercial radio based on some kinda anthem for high school girls type shit.

  • Trill O’Reilly

    When Workout went platinum you K. Dot dickriders slandered him and accused him of selling out for radio success.

    When Kendrick sold out with a radio ready beat and song for the mainstream and it goes platinum you dickriders defend him to the death. I seriously hate what this site has become.