Nas On Next LP, Wanting To Work w/ Frank Ocean (Video)

blame it on Shake January 23, 2013

Sitting down with MTV at Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit campaign, Nas speaks on Life Is Good (which obviously made our 2012 2Dope Year End List) and speaks on his upcoming 11th studio album. One that he says will be more current and that he’d “love to reconnect” with Frank Ocean for.

It’s very now, it’s very 2013, Nasir Jones. That’s what it is. I feel great, I feel accomplished, I feel wiser and just really ready. I’m an open canvas, a clear canvas and an excited painter with a shaky hand. Not because of bad nerves, but because of excitement.

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  • Truth Be Told

    Everybody wants a piece of that faggot smh

  • Mike Dieseal

    Nas already worked with Frank Ocean. Hit Boy lost the track which was supposed to be on the Life Is Good, why u niggaz hating for?

  • DynamicShots

    Are you niggas really that upset with another man’s sexuality choices. That sounds pretty gay within itself when you think about it. Worry about the music and get the fuck over it.

  • Mac Dre

    @Mike Dieseal Hit-Boy said on Twitter that he found the hard drive with the track in Kanye’s laptop bag. Hopefully it’ll be released. It was called “There’s No Such Thing As White Jesus.”

  • i dunno.. nas really really really wants us to hear him and frank ocean make sweet music. big ups to hit boy for tellin them to go on with that gay shit and saving us.

  • KIM

    @DynamicShots How much yall want to bet DynamicShots suck a dick in his life time before

  • Nasty

    All you homophobic faggots are making yourselves and the hip-hop community at large look as prejudice, hate-filled, and ignorant as the people who protested equal rights for blacks in the 60s

  • 2

    i have nothing against frank ocean, i’ve just never liked any of his music.

  • Mike

    Nas is saying he may collab with Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick & Frank Ocean. I feel like he should wait 1 more year becuz Life is good was a dope record.

  • Positive Vibe

    hmmmm…i don’t know if I like the “sounds 2013” and “sounds current” comment, I’ll wait till a buzz single

  • n.c

    niggas cant get past Frankies sexuality yet i see. 53 Nopes? fuck outa here.

    i think yall should start questioning your own sexuality if you still cant get over it

  • david

    Don’t matter that Frank’s gay, he’s wack though, dislike from me but wouldn’t mind some new Nas