No Malice & Ab-Liva – Smoke & Mirrors (Video)

blame it on Meka January 23, 2013

Directed by Shomi Patwary

The !llmind-produced track of the Re-Up Gang kinfolk gets a visual treatment. Hey, how about we just get a new Re-Up Gang mixtape as well? Wishful thinking, I know…


  • mr_bond

    One of the greatest beats I’ve heard in a while. Unfortunately the vocal mixing is all fucked up.

  • DM (E Town)

    Indeed…The Beat had power. I (also) questioned “the mix.” It completely outweighed the vocals. (No) Malice…. This could be the beginning of something very powerful. Plus, Pusha’s appearance (and support) meant (means) a Ton. (Good Look) “Even Esau had a Jacob…!” (Hard!)
    Props to (No) Malice and his newfound (and challenging) direction. May Allah (GOD) bless you with success King. I (we) have also accepted. (It’s a beautiful struggle)

  • ^ Shut (the fuck) up

  • justenjoythisshit

    ab-liva and the mix ruined it

  • Good Peoples!

    “It takes a lot of truth just to sell that lie” WTF! this boy is cold

    This track is the realest shit i heard in a minute

  • Check mate

    Clipse is the best rap duo ever EVER… better than outkast. Yes I said it (Chappelle voice). Malice is going to be a problem solo tho, dude is a beast

  • xastey

    I’m going to need another Ab-Liva tape like now

  • j

    kanye should of signed malice not pusha lol

  • The Delorean Driver


    It’s like the blind leading the blind
    They caught up in the shine
    The tokens of success is not clearly defined
    The watermelons gone and all that’s left is rind
    And yet you keep eating, eating
    But in the back of your mind
    If somewhat you rewind
    Ever wonder why they continue to let you dine
    Place a glass ceiling, continue to let you climb
    Place drugs in the hood and pretending to let you grind
    That little job they continue to let you find
    Boxed in, they continue to let you mime
    That little deal they continue to let you sign
    Peep it, they spent more on spilled wine
    Yeah, I gotta speak to my kind
    Call me 8:45 cause both hands on the 9
    It’s from the heart and it’s so sincere in every rhyme
    I could let the wheel go, the Lord steers every time
    If no child left behind, black faces on the first 48 look like mine
    Yeah, cause when that nigga in a bind
    The ones in position from my view look like Shyne
    Damn, and we the culprit in the crimes
    In the pulpit, niggas lying, they just pokin’ at the lion
    ‘Til my soul start flying or frying, I’mma be defiant
    It’s written on the wall like a Mayan

  • Jonesy Stark

    Looking forward to Hear Ye Him

  • morning coffee

    words cannot describe how happy I am (no)malice is a legit artist. I know at least 9/10 people were holding their breath thinking his switch up would turn him corny.


    Clipse not better than Outkast. (Just so the record can show that this claim did not go unnoticed)

  • AndOneill

    Holy shit !! Fire (no) malice is back, jam this is!!

  • INS

    wooo malice ON POINT

  • INS

    “take a lot of truth just to sell that lah”