SL Jones - Trapper's Delight (FreEP)

SL Jones and producer M16 ride out on this quickstrike freelease. Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: SL Jones - Trapper's Delight (FreEP)

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  • cLaRk

    This dude right here is the truth. Stop listening to all that mainstream commercial music and listen to some dope music from a young nigga in the hood who's currently facing an open case, a federal case.
    SL Jones & DJ Burn One Paraphernalia was one of the best projects of last year.

  • GetHimTheFuckOuttaHere

    Who cares if this idiot fuck of a person is on trial or has a case. You are worse then the fucks that swear mainstream is the only good music out there. You only listen to this shit to live through this dude music cuz your a little faggot white boy. You hear certain music that makes your heart rate double and live through it like a bitch.

    And why is he the truth? Dude fuct up and got caught, many many many folks go through that. Thats makes them real to be punished for their own mistakes?

    You sir are a fucking idiot.

  • Idiotsthesedays

    ^Nice one wasting ur time typing all that shit, stupid fag


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