French Montana – Freaks f. Nicki Minaj (Artwork)

blame it on Meka January 24, 2013

The first follow-up to “Pop That,” “Marble Floors,” hasn’t really caught on as well as its predecessor, so Frenchie is now cooking up another attempt with Mariah Carey’s BFF. This single will drop soon.

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  • Good Peoples

    Another track for our young women to make a fool outta themselves by shaking their ass on the internet and in the club! Thanks! thats exactly what we needed, another twerk song

    Why don’t these top artists make songs like “2pac-Keep ya Head Up”

  • For Damn Shame

    Tupac did also make “I Get Around”….just sayin’

  • Good Peoples

    @For Damn Shame You right! but just imagine if thats the only type of songs he made!

    2pac had balance with his music! He was edgy but still spoke that real shit

  • BobbyWhite

    @Good Peoples! yah… cuz when i listen to french montana im looking for the next “Keep Ya Head up”… Sit down nigga!

  • Good Peoples!

    @BobbyWhite I said artists you dumb bitch,(As in Hip Hop period) not speaking just about French!

    Now you sit down nigga!

  • For Damn Shame

    @Good Peoples I agree with you 100%, I just thought you were one of those “Tupac made only REAL music” people. But what you need to understand is that Pac was a ARTIST or MUSICIAN..french is just a rapper. Can’t expect much from a rapper which is essentially a one trick pony

  • Good Peoples

    @For Damn Shame Yea you right!

  • ohgeez

    2dopeboyz will post Any garbage music for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    d e s p e r a t e .

  • randy


    Nah nigga, they try to post real hip hop but you hipstercrites on want to comment on rick ross and the niggas you claim to hate. stop lying to yourself nigga this site is full of nothing but support for hip hop but meka and shake are the only ones doing the supporting . you ptobably dont even notice because u only scroll the pages for niggas you hate. foh

  • complete_fucking_bullshit

    french is the truth and nicki is one of the hottest mc’s of all time!

  • realtalk™

    @randy not really.. meka and shake have pretty good taste in hiphop but you can tell 2dopeboyz has transformed from plugging dope underground artists to posting commercial shit for the views/clicks/money mixed with some dope underground stuff here and there..

  • the realest

    where the song at? fuck the artwork