Kendrick Lamar - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (Video)

"Nas Is Like"

K. Dot's back in the States, and the first thing he does is go to Funk Flex' show and tears it down. One more down bottom.

"Keep It Thoro"

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  • CABNumber

    Fuck Flex, fake ass bitch.

  • shakejunt

    love kendrick but this is a real song smh...

  • Moses

    First half of the one over Nas Is Like is his second verse from County Building Blues. Besides that, dope

  • therealbabyb

    Kendrick is a master at spitting off the top of the dome

  • ahijah

    Fuck Flex, Kendrick>>>>

  • Brian

    I think he did this freestyle for tim westwood at one point as well lol

  • Lampz

    It's allright...

  • LB

    um...i really want to know the definition of a freestyle. free of style or off the top of the dome? idk these days. ah well. still dope.

  • flo

    it could be both.. idk how people still dont know what a freestyle is. take notes!

  • fortiesandbluntskid

    A freestyle is either off the top, OR an unheard written, that's according to MF Grimm (I actually read him say that today in an interview with Unkut) or, according to Kool Moe Dee: "There are two types of freestyle. There’s an old-school freestyle that’s basically rhymes that you’ve written that may not have anything to do with any subject or that goes all over the place. Then there’s freestyle where you come off the top of the head."


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