Pusha T – Millions f. Rick Ross (Preview)

blame it on Meka January 24, 2013

The family over at miss info’s have premiered a small teaser of Neighborhood Push’s new visuals with Blurred Tits. Also, info sat down with Push during the Capsule trade show to talk “fancy sweatpants and men’s skirts,” which you can peep down bottom.

Pusha’s highly-anticipated Wrath Of Caine finally drops this Monday (January 28th).

  • dev

    grow up, fake gangsters

  • neonsky

    pusha-t is such a good rapper he does not have to make these damn fake ass songs with future or these recycled beats with rozay to make good music..please go back to the raw hip hop that you used to make..those crazy metaphores ..just saying he needs to step his game up makes songs with big boi or schoolboy q id buy his albums just on how incredebiles THOSE FEATURES would be..

  • facehooked

    even with kudder on the chorus at least PAIN would be listenable. Currensy,MF DOOM and pusha need to make an colab that would be awesome!!!!

  • kinginstinct

    T,I WOULD BE A BETTER CHOICE THAN ROZAY they made an incredible jam on t.i,s fuck the city up tape

  • supman

    danny brown feature or beat by BIGKRIT

    damn that shit gotta bannnnnng

  • hopepushareads2dope

    my wish list for this album..JAKE ONE

  • Good Peoples!

    Pusha T >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    End of fucking story!

  • realtalk™

    “ visuals with Blurred Tits” LMAOOOOOO


    @dev You know whats fake??? Weak ass wiggers hating just b/c they can’t relate to that mans lifestyle! Drug rap is totally fine with me as long as it’s done with skill

  • ahem

    both the vids are the same though


    @ahem One video is 44sec the other is 2:44….How do you figure that?

  • JamesThankyo

    I don’t understand how anyone can listen to all this garbage, these dudes are putting out. I want someone to explain in detail why they like listening to these dudes. So why are you listening?

  • Cool Larry

    Wrath of Caine!


  • red

    its funny how when ross raps about coke yall scrutinize EVERYTHING he says. But when pusha does its just music and entertainment and 50 other excuses which for some reason don’t apply when other rappers do it.

    im starting to think that this is merely about your personal feelings towards them as men and not really the music. because your argument change everyday and always contradict eachother.

  • marty mcfly

    Pusha and Ross both came in the game on the same shit which is music about hustling. Thats what their brand is based on so their gonna rap about that. My thing is you have wack rappers that rap about it and you have MCs that made classics rapping about it. Its up to Pusha to figure whether he’s gonna make dope music about dope or wack music about it.

  • DoubleClutch95

    “The Best Since He Died & He Lied”

  • KIM

    WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN ON HOW EXCITED I AM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • rre

    lol pusha aint look at her once. nervous ass nigga

  • Smh

    @rre Niggas stay hating!

  • SforMusic

    @JamesThankyo because real or not they are good at what they do especially Pusha T… Most you are on here ciritizing (hating) about a subject matter which you are clearly not a part of. I aint about the drug dealing life I’ll admit that always but I will always enjoy a Pusha T rap because he goes hard and he does it well….If you dont like then kick rocks and go ….

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    i think pusha is secretly saying his a fraud like william its just entertainment