• who cares

    I was excited as fuck when I saw the title and started the video, but then you reach the end and it says "Redman Featuring Method Man and Ready Roc" then we have Redman singing on some auto-tune. smh c'mon son. You just got me all excited for nothin'. To Meka: Work on your title game. False advertising.

  • 2dope4nope

    ^ damn really I guess I'll skip but 2dopeboyz a Manti Te'o hoax huh haha but sidenote Kuruption still that joint!

  • What He Said >>>

    Uhhh! Typical ish. Rappers drop CRAZY hot freestyles (like, "OMG he's back on his classic ish") but then the album drops and it's all this new crossover ish.

  • kayo

    Man, I always forget how much Meth & Red got me into hip-hop. I used to bump Meth shit like it was my job. Legends.

  • QZA

    Heatwave sample=approved.

    If that's what the track ends up as

  • http://twitter.com/Trackz_ Trackz

    What was that beat in the middle of the video from?