• http://twitter.com/realmikeyfresh mikeyfresh

    gerald walker feature is the only reason why im listening

  • req

    we dont need to know why youre listening. no one is interrogating

  • shloob

    Gerald Walker isnt even the only reason why this song is dope, though.

  • DJ Quis B

    Everyone on the song was dope. D.Bridge Gerald and Chance. Just a dope all around track.

  • ree

    @shloob im sayin though. niggas be dry hating.

  • Hustle


  • Codeine

    2 Dope.. We need to hear some more D Bridge tracks.. I got this on repeat all week.

  • 2real

    I fucks with this track..hope to see more..I'm assuming from Chicago from the features..any idea?

  • http://10toesdown.net/main/ MusicallyLiving

    M I L W A U K E E to C H I C A G O .

  • SukaFree RonG

    Legendz We Here..
    M I L W A U K E E to C H I C A G O .