• Gillie Da Goon AKA Gillie HeaRd

    WTF are you niggas posting?

  • ajlwdgb

    Please officially quite this business now. You and everyone else with that "stay in the box" mentality are actually doing a disservice to all music genres and creativity as a whole.

  • John Doe

    As happy as I am that it didnt go the Dubstep way... this still sucked the big one..

  • SMFH

    Metal/Rock going Dustep

    Rap/Hip-Hip going Trap

    Fuck the whole music scene right now, it's full of faggots like Meka, who thinks they get it but never has got it.

  • III


    Aren't the people jumping on the "trap" bandwagon and making the same-sounding beats over and over doing a disservice to creativity...? I like trap music, but not every rapper needs to be making it. The rap game is saturated with it right now.

  • Supatodd

    @ajlwdgb.... PREACH!