• Donald

    Percocets for my kinfolk my girl look like miss info

  • Cool Larry

    Pusha T >>>>>>>>>

    Wrath of Cain COMING SOON

  • Check

    Harry Fraud is has been on his game for a minute...I Just hope this tape isn't raped with features.

  • j

    french doin hooks now is very bad lol

  • YouGots2Chill

    Only thing i cared about in this video was the Gangstarr "B.Y.S" sample in the begining of the interview.

  • http://triangularmindrape.tumblr.com/ Fuckyoupayme

    I wanna get all in missinfo dim sum. Damn she prolly couldn't take all this eggroll i'd slam up in her.

    Interview was kinda wack though; previewed two tracks that sounded like shit.


    I'm excited about this then i was about GKMC....

  • ree

    i wonder who french featured on the hook with him

  • BuckNasty

    "You cannot relate, cause you niggas do not live it..."

    Did this nigga actually have the audacity to spit this line?

    *jerry seinfeld i'm out gif*

  • erre

    the more i hear this guy talk the less i like him


    I will be giving this a listen

  • 1hunnit

    Miss Info can definitely get that D, it aint nothin. Also why yall keep sayin' "Wraith" when its Wrath?