• JaySole

    Waaaay 2dope!

    • Danny Brown

      Thanks man appreciate it. Video coming soon. Wordd upp.
      * Those who did blow it know they blew it. Those who didnt blow it wish they could but they blew it

  • Danny Brown

    So fuck you you dont give a fuck about me

  • adolfmayne

    This is dopeass song i hope their is a video coming soon

  • Tropical

    Danny killing it again. Dope beat with the flow to match, goddamn. His consistency is really separating him from these other cats. Not a week goes by w/out a banger from him.

  • JetLifer

    I like how Danny Brown hasn't done much collabs with other emcees... He does collabs with producers that nobody's checking for, just carving his own lane