Big K.R.I.T. – Gettin’ Mine f. Rapsody & Heather Victoria (prod. 9th Wonder)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 26, 2013

A surprise track from Big K.R.I.T. hit the internet with nice features from Rapsody and Heather Victoria. 9th Wonder comes through on the production as always and hopefully this track means more K.R.I.T. in the near future.

PREVIOUSSmokers Karaoke w/ Big K.R.I.T., Method Man, Curren$y & More (Video)

  • datdude

    what u talking bout “hopefully”? he dropping a mixtape this year son

  • who cares

    Beat’s nice. K.R.I.T.’s verses are dope. Rapsody’s verse was nice. Hook is flat out annoying though. Still, it’s better than 60% of what was on Live From The Underground.

  • Big K.R.I.T I’d like to see K.R.I.T x ASAP Rockie southern revival by way of NY and Mississippi with the EP screwed down by 5000 Watts

  • 1hunnit

    Lol @who cares. 60% is pretty accurate indeed.

  • Chris

    Watched the ustream last night. 9th Wonder was cooookin

  • rwwer

    90% of hipster faggor that talk this nigga up didnt even buy his album 100k albums sold to date. smh. no wonder niggas be going pop

    • Trill O’Reilly

      @Rwwer: They were saving their money to dickride Kendrick Lamar in October.

  • Chris

    @rwwer naww i think KRIT’s fanbase is one of the few who support the artist. That’s just imo tho.

  • BobbyWhite

    damn krit’s verses are so nice

    and as much as i think rapsody is a dope lyricist, female rappers like her dont really get far… someone has to say it

  • KP

    @Chris You might be right, but if you are then his fanbase may need to do a little growing…I also think he set the bar so high with Return of 4Eva that some of the casual fans were disappointed.

  • Joe

    Sounded like he recorded this in a bathroom.

  • rwwer

    100 000 units in 8 months is supporting? oh

  • subject_90

    Gawwd damn Rap murked that shit! Overall dope!

  • Mike Tomlin

    New music is def. coming soon

    Tryin to record 7 songs 2day…got 3 so far let’s GO

  • Tight shit, Krit never fail

  • adolfmayne

    ^^^lol gotta admit renturn of 4eva did set the bar high and tbh i still really havent listened to LFTUG i still kinda wanna purchase it “shrugs”

  • Tony

    I agree with the bathroom comment. Excellent beat from Pat, excellent lyrics and a different approach than we’ve seen from J. My only issue is that this should have been EQ’d to bang in your car like every track he (KRIT) has ever done. I’m gonna bet this ends up on a Rhapsody project first.

  • james

    KRIT stay reppin that real southern drawl flow. Rap coming with that heat that no female rapper on the radio can even get close to.

  • jalen

    this is great but the quality is horrible. He should of left 9th’s camp off this song, their stuff is never mixed professionally sounding, you can single my comment out like most of the jamla army brats do but if you listen to their stuff it sounds as worse, quality wise and im not the first to say this! Great song though! Imo Rapsody sounds like she totally bit kendricks & TDE’s flow. Seriously

  • Mikeknight

    @Jalen Rapsody bit off TDE’s flow? Do you think TDE was the first rappers in the history to rap triple time like that? Are you serious? So I guess TDE bit from Twista, or that girl would used to rap with R.Kelly, or anybody that rhymed triple time? Check your history on that. You are right about sound quality of the song tho, although some of their projects are mixed nicely.

  • And 1

    KRIT needs to do something with his voice, at least experiment. His voice kinda sounds annoying at times, don’t mind my opinion too much though, I used to think the same thing about Jay-Z (before he took Chris’ flow (from Young Gunz).

    I will always be a fan of KRIT but he is doing the accent too hard or something is off with it. Idk, 1 fan’s opinion. Love the track by 9th, real classic 9th sounding.

  • The Vet

    @Rwwer: 100 000 units in 8 months is supporting? oh

    In this day & age yes 100,000 units is supporting, especially when your shit don’t get heavy promotion. No one has an estimate on how many fans KRIT has, or how many even attend his shows. For all we know he maxes out a show with a little under 2000 heads. 100,000 may not be a lot from a say kendrick lamar because kendrick has great promotion from Dre, interscope & he’s everywhere. He’s dope, but overhyped all over the place.