French Montana Talks New Single w/ Nicki Minaj (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 26, 2013

During a short chat with the Rap-Up, French Montana lets you know about his upcoming “Freaks” single with Nicki Minaj dropping next week, the sample used on that track and his debut album, Excuse My French, being moved to April 16th.

PREVIOUSFrench Montana – Excuse My French (Artwork)

  • haters

    you guys eat up most bullshit from most rappers,
    but when someone like french who really came straight from the hood, to what he is now, and all yall do is hate? JEALOUS ASS HATIN ASS MUHFUCKAS I TELL YOU
    he got shot in head ,murked dude who did it, beat the murder case??
    like comeon just cuz yall dont understand his ebonics or wave dont mean you gotta hate

  • marty mcfly

    The problem is he dont make music about those experiences. 50 cent talked about his whole background from coming up in Queens to gun running to selling drugs to rubbing shoulders with people like Preme and then falling out with him and then getting shot and then recovering and then getting revenge. He made songs about all these different scenes in his life all the way up to Many Men on his debut album where he gave the end to it. 50 was still an ARTIST the whole time. So you dont just get a pass because you from the streets, you still gotta make dope music about it. I personally dont hate French but I can tell you what he’s gonna rap about on his album because its always the same things. He gonna go “Coke boys, ahhh, money, ahhhh, strippers, ahhhh, pop that ahhh etc” for the whole album.

  • dirk

    @hate: It’s about the quality of the music. Maybe it’s real when French Montana made it out the hood and is big now. But at the end of the day, his music is fake and just sucks. Compare him to real rappers like Talib Kweli or Kendrick Lamar. They made it as well. But Talib’s and K-Dot’s music is real.