Joe Budden – NBA f. Wiz Khalifa & French Montana (Artwork)

blame it on JES7 January 26, 2013

Artwork for the single off No Love Lost dropping soon. Hit the jump for a vignette of the No Love Lost listening session. Shouts to eskay.

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  • who cares

    So no one’s gonna comment on the fact that he has two of the weakest “MC’s” on here? From the looks of things No Love Lost is shaping up to me another generic mainstream album just like Welcome To Our House. smh I’m saving my opinion for when it actually drops, but if I was a betting man I’d say I was gonna be disappointed.

  • bla

    bla bla bla bla bla

  • Nic

    This shit finna be stupid and not in a good way. It’s wack before you hear it Joe is messing up big time…

  • marty mcfly

    Joe Boredom will never in his life make a album by himself as good as any Slaughter album. This album will not only be the worst album ever from him, and thats tough cause everything he’s made since Mood 2 has been horrible but this album here will be complete trash from top to bottom.

  • Shut Up Geeks

    I really hate it when nerds on the internet complain about a rapper going mainstream. Guess what fool, if you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it. We all know you don’t buy any of the shit anyways.

    Lol I swear hip hop fans are a fucking joke. I could never hate on another man for trying to get money.

    It’s hard to understand when you’re broke. I know damn well if someone told me all I have to do is make a radio single and I’ll have millions then I’d do it in a heart beat.

  • Jay Daniels

    I’m happy for Joe. And the music is still great. But I fuck with the commercial scene anyway.

  • yo what

    Joe Budden always talks about wack rappers… and then he collaborates with them.

  • JetLifer

    Yall sound like some bitter bitches who got betrayed by they nigga or some shit… If he wants to fuckin finally make some resl money and be in the conversation with mainstream rappers why can’t he? 12 years he’s been putting out great verses that underground heads like… I salute him for stepping out and doing more collabs

  • james

    fuck you lames and your low ass standards, go put starships on repeat and jerk off to your bubblegum rap. Stop making excuses for pathetic cash-grabs; acting like it’s a natural progression or some bullshit lmao This homo Montana is all over every corny ass white boy club record, Joey is just late to the sellout party.