Nicki Minaj Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Video)

blame it on Illy January 26, 2013

Shortly before hitting the stage for a performance of her Re-Up singles “Va Va Voom” and “Freedom,” Nicki sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk American Idol and Mariah Carey among other things.

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  • MrWill

    Damn, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a post get to 42 Nopes with 0 Dopes. Nicki has really lost her connection with hip-hop.

  • borzy

    in jail for hugging? what a piece of shit country this india

    I can’t believe that an annoying habbit of constantly giving people nicknames can get so much glamour once spoken on TV but a talking maniquin

    but I guess, that’s all tongue-in-cheek. Let her do her thing

  • moshizzle

    bunch of nicki haters on here – no surprise

  • WangBLong

    no hate at all, that music is horrible!!! who the f*ck listens to this? 9 year old girls?
    i try to always be objective but its just bad!!!!music!no soul no passion, no heart, just bubble gum commercials, can someone reply and explain Nicki i want to understand?

  • borzy

    ^^another pretentious asshole. What’s wrong with bubble gum music for 9 year olds? The sooner they start listening to it, the sooner they will be over it and on to something more serious. Or maybe they will not move on to anything new, because they would not spend 4 hours a day browsing hip-hop blogs and actually would have something else to do in life. People do not listen to music for thoughtfullness, they read books for that. I see assholes like you looking down on other people having a good time to compensate for your lack of proficiency in other areas.