Rick Ross – Box Chevy

blame it on Meka January 26, 2013

Apparently this is the first offering from Blurred Tits’ upcoming Mastermind LP…

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  • Slaughterhouse

    So, by having that dialogue at the beginning of the song he thinks we won’t be able to tell it sounds exactly the same as his other singles or nah?

  • datdude

    where that audio from, at the beginning….it sounds hella familiar….oh and song is trash

  • BubbaChuck

    YelaWolf’s Box Chevy >>> Rick Ross’ Box Chevy

  • Sprosma

    Its dope

  • filmdude

    It’s Morgan Freeman in the movie Lean On Me.
    He also busts out the classic HNIC line in that film

  • yesssir


  • XXhale

    This song is funny….

    Calling other people “PUSSYS” but isn’t this same clown that canceled his tour because of the GD’S ?????/


  • MusicHead

    Rick Ross “The Finals 2.0” (Box Chevy) without Meek Mill & Gunplay …is basically the song’s REAL TITLE. Smh. Nigga made the song twice tho lol ..still bump tho.

  • flip


  • YOLO-G


  • why all his last songs sound the same ?

  • Hozay

    This dude is wack. Same recycled beats & lyrics. The harder he tries to convince us how real he is the more corny he looks. But he’s making $$$. There’s a reason why he never made it in the late 90′ s.

  • realtalk™

    Wow this song sounds completely different from every other song he’s ever done, so excited for his new album

  • dantes

    That beat is crazy forget Ross can somebody tell me who the producer is?

  • jwiii

    Yeah, it just sounds like he’s imitating Gunplay on this. Probably ghosted for him.

  • M0ns!er

    He has the same sound since Blowin Money Fast came out. Better take a Lex Luger Beat and yell out how hard you are.

  • wackness

    Chevys ridin high boy chevys ridin high boy

  • electrotherapy

    has 6 months even passed since his last LP? these niggas dropping albums like i change socks plus this shit sounds no different than his last 2 LPs

  • red


  • The Big Lynxbowski

    this guy has killed hip hop if you support him shame on you

  • DBS

    “Yelawolf and I feel like a king in my box Chevy
    Tell them other wack muthafucks to get the pine box ready”

  • daveg

    Trap music is like Lil Jon and Yin Yang Twins of the early 2000s…Limited shelf-life I hope cause all these trap records sound the same. Throw Ross, Meek, French, any wack rapper on there and you couldn’t tell the difference

  • Nova

    i thought this was “John” with out Wayne.

  • ihatestans

    Sounds like a Rich Forever / B.M.F. 2013 edition track….Ross needs to expand lyrically before its too late.

  • gotdamn

    i thought this sound was gunna fade… its 2013 now.. we’ve heard the same song multiple times for 2 years, all thats switched is the meaningless lyrics, call me big meech, im not a fuckin star choppers in my car, bricks on the iphone, justin beiber please belive it gotdamn


    WARNING SHOTS…sneak subliminal..go head 50 jump..go head jeezy jump..

  • Damn u ni**as is haters…my boy bout to drop ANOTHER classic and snatch a grammy!….ross music is the sh*t and yall know it!!!! BARRY GORDY TO THE STREETS! foh haters

  • Damn u ni**as is haters…my boy bout to drop ANOTHER classic and snatch a grammy!….ross music is the sh*t and yall know it!!!! BARRY GORDY TO THE STREETS!!

  • oppfart67

    Rozay should actually change his name to Blurred Tits’, I’m sure it’ll get him a whole new audience like Tity Boi :P

  • gregory kruxx.

    Sp boyz ur clearly an ignorant fool and dont know what classic means. Now wit that being said Ross is a dope rapper but what people are saying and its obvious is all his shit sounds the fucking same. He aint rapping bout nuthin new and the beats are recycled versions of the previous versions. This shit is garbage

  • Alonso Verdugo

    @gregory kruxx.


  • jae barnes

    Only fake hipsters don’t like this. This shit for the streets. Ross killin shit.

  • Jonesy

    Why when rappers switch they shit up to sound fresh niggas be like nahh go back to the old you cah but when niggas keep that shit the same niggas be like naw make some different shit cah..This shit bump tho

  • Rollins

    This is a sick song rick ross owns the game now his hard beats are killing the streets. Keep it coming rickie rozay