Saturday Night Sexy: Tiffany Turner

blame it on Illy January 26, 2013

Twitter: @Tiffany_Turner/Instagram: Tiffany_Turner

The Pittsburgh-born Italian, German, Irish, Austrian, Hungarian, Native American, and French vixen makes your Saturday night sexier. Nom! Nom! Nom! Dopeboyz, you know how the drill does.

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  • HesusDuece

    Damn she fine….Popped a boner, I’m sweatin…WOO

  • FrankOcean Fan

    You damn right i nope this shit!!!! Were is the DICK at


  • @mckinleydixon

    You’re damn gay if you don’t like this one

  • Tripping

    Shut yo homophobic ass up! and stop hating!

  • CLubPacked

    My pants just melted.

  • Trill O’Reilly



  • Ron


  • FrankOcean Fan

    @Trill O’Reilly Exactly my nigga! Were the dick at

  • datdude

    i’d lick her everything, for really real

  • Pretty Tony


  • just is fire… no disrespect. But I have a request for next week, the girl from the Rick Ross Pirates video.

  • jim

    ugly,this week and last week are nasty i could find someone better looking in 5 mins in the morning out of the women i pass by while walking. sad these girls are considered “models”, last week;s could so easily pass as a man if she dressed as happened to the saturday night sexy? YUCK!!!!

  • kimjong

    Shake… She’s white bro, congratulations to every other woman in america with mixed EUROPEAN ancestry… Lol that shits not exotic if most of the white women I know are in the same boat. Fuck that’s dumb. A beautiful accomplishment tt’s overlooked in what americans are ethnically. Oh! I’d destroy the pussah though.

  • Adi

    I’d be a human toilet fo her, one of the best so far.

  • realtalk™

    Where do these bitches come up with all this heritage stuff LMFAO

    no one gives a crap if you’re German, Irish, Austrian, Hungarian, that shit is not exotic

  • tatrw

    bitch youre white. the end.


    @tatrw Exactly, when i read that i read white, white, white, white, white, native american, white.

    PS if someone voted nope youz a muthafucking fruit cake!

  • antinerdrap

    Why are yall praising hoes on this site? We dont love these hoes.

  • saviswag

    My girlfriend sexier than her

  • Marie

    I follow her on twitter. She’s beautiful but u left out the stuff that makes her so awesome. She’s a RN and she’s in school to be a nurse practitioner. She doesn’t drink or do drugs. She gives good advice to young girls like me. She helps take care of and raise her nieces. And she’s bad ass she used to box and won the golden gloves before. Shes funny and nice to her followers not like these other stuck up models. I think she’s an awesome person and a good role model.

  • Shorty is a top ten for me fa sho!!!

  • platinumstatz

    yea she bad!!!

  • Israel


  • forreal

    @Marie your comment makes her sound like a good person, but she still posin like she want the D real bad, she aint rolemodelin,she pornmodelin.

  • swidt

    See what the world can achieve when they work together lol

  • dagawd

    This bish is AMAZING

  • eerer

    @Marie yet she’s posing with her ass out for niggas lol. that nullifies any qualities she may have.

  • Yungstar

    ^ exactly.

  • say what

    these niggas asking for a dick? always knew 2dopeboyz had a gay fanbase

  • Marie

    @forreal @eerer @yungstar so what if she takes sexy pics in lingerie and swimsuits? She’s sexy if i looked like that I’d do it too. She’s not doing porn. Like you never saw cleavage or butt cheeks before whats the big deal? Besides ya are on here looking at it so whats that say about u?

  • reallydoe

    1. The chick is bad. 2. Stop all that German, Irish, blah blah.. she’s White. I don’t know how much Native she has in her, but all those abc’s of ethnicity is pointless if they’re all from the same race, (except Native)

  • Dont Worry

    Porn really ruined niggas lives. Cant tell me shes not sexy as fuck. smh

  • kinky

    i wanna spread them butt cheeks and lick that asshole till the mothafucka bleed



  • thatbish

    Sexy as fuck

  • BenDoughVA

    She real sexy! Finally not a fake hoe with ugly ass plastic tits! Dimepiece!

  • kokey

    she can fart in my dinna tonight

  • Penny

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