• elites

    damn! can i get a cdq of this here version of poetic justice?!?!
    no drake + incredible instrumentation

  • joe

    Got so much love for this guy after these performances. Hopefully he performs with a live band at his shows in the future. Los Angeles represent

  • LOUD

    In before all the k dot haters. Kids really doing his thing and i hope he continues for a long time. All sensitive niggas who wasn't hugged enough as children chill on yall negative comments and let dude live 1 time. He doin more with his life than you

  • that truth

    2dope never fails to stroke the shaft AND cup the balls. impressive

  • flo

    wouldnt be surprised if his record sales went up a bit.

    all these 2dopeboy noobs dont even know that shake and meka were rolling with kdot since the beginning. educate yourselves niggas or your just helping the problem. fools

  • Raiders4Life

    I'm a big fan of Kendrick's but all of his TV performances are horrible.

  • adolfmayne

    I thought they were dick riding but then i saw poetic justice on tv with the surround sound shit was nice would of been nice too see drake there a cdq would bee appreciated

  • schuyler

    YO i need that version of petic justic as well!

  • Chris

    Damn that version of Poetic Justice was damn good.

  • daddy

    oh shit, is that terrace martin. I cant tell but it sounds like his sax

  • hazedmind

    I don't know, i thought dude was fucking brutal on the show, and i'm a legit fan, not the mention that YOLO skit wasent funny at all

  • http://www.chilltowntv.com Chilltowntv

    Love that version of poetic justice! Lonely Island x Kendrick Lamar? idk what to make of that...lol

  • che

    Ali and Terrace Martin making cameos!

  • edwin

    Terrace Martin Definitly on the Sax. He a beast with that sax. He all over 9th Wonder's "The wonder Years"

  • Mike Tomlin