Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares (Video)

Meek drops off a visual to the opening number from his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, out now.

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  • Thank Me

    This gets me hype every time

  • jay

    song is super tight but i was expecting more with the visual .couldve been way better. Keep working meek! l Like the album!

  • bigErn

    brought to you by ciroc...was ok til product placement ruined it. Maybe that Aston Martin was rented Meek!

  • araab

    damn that was actually dope

  • Cheap-ass vid. This should've been a simple video of Meek just doin Philly shit; instead we get snippets from other(better) vids, and him attempting to look menacing with Old Navy cladded goons making a ghetto bonfire.

    Wack. Still Meek's best song to date though. Nigga still looks like that snake, Kaa, from the Jungle Book though.

    These new ass rappers need to get some artistry for they vids, or at least pretend like A$AP Rocky do.

  • inb4 someone mentions Cassidy


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